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Weekend Morning Routine

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When it comes to handy tools that help to make sure things actually get done, routines for moms fall at the top of the list.

Routines are a series of daily habits that have been built to help keep you and your family moving in the right direction through the day. Routines can bring comfort and help with everyday function.

Unfortunately, most families let routines go out the door over vacations and weekends, leaving themselves with a struggle to stay on task and keep up with everything that needs to be done. Building a weekend morning routine can help set your family on the right path on the weekend so you can make the most of them.

weekend morning routine

Why you should have a weekend morning routine

While we all think of weekends as a time to relax and unwind after a long hard week, the truth is weekends are really all about catching up with everything you did not get done over the rest of the week.

Spending time with your family is vital for your mental and physical health, but is difficult to fit into the busy week. You need time for that on the weekends.

To help fit everything you need into the weekend, you need a weekend morning routine to get you up and going.

Having a weekend morning routine allows you to schedule time for relaxing a bit longer during the weekend mornings but still gives you a base routine that allows you to get your day started on the path towards success.

How to build a weekend morning routine

Start with the basics of your weekday morning routine.

From daily hygiene, to eating breakfast, your weekend morning routine should cover all of the bases just like the rest of the week.

The important part of this is to give yourself some more time for letting up slowly or sleeping in when possible so you can have time to recuperate from your week.

Before you dash off and start your day, sit down with your family over breakfast and catch up on the week. Use this time to make a list of everything everyone in the house needs to complete for the day so you can work down the list.

Making a written plan for the day is one of the most important things you can do in your weekend morning routine to help ensure that you can make the most of each day.

Try to add some time to just relax in the morning on the weekends. For many moms, this means getting up a bit earlier than the kids to enjoy some quiet.

But with your weekday routine already in place, this is a bit easier than trying to stay up late to get some peace and quiet.

Find a little time to do something you love, whether it be to sit outside and watch the birds with a cup of coffee or stay in bed reading a bit longer.

How to make the most of weekend morning routines to make your life easier.

Your weekend morning routine should not completely kill off your weekday routine.

Work things into your morning routine on the weekends that can help make your life easier all week long.

When making breakfast for your family over the weekend, you can cook a double batch of things to use for feeding your family during the week. This simple task can make your daily life that much easier.

On the weekends when you will be home for much of the day, start your day by adding a load of laundry to your morning routine. Start the load when you wake up and move it to the dryer after breakfast. Making this a part of your weekend morning routine means you can worry less about how all of that laundry is going to get done.

Getting the family on board with a weekend morning routine.

The hardest part of building a new routine is getting the entire family on board with it all.

Most people are completely content with hanging around all morning, sleeping in, watching cartoons, and just relaxing. Sadly, this is not an option for most families that have a large list of things you need to accomplish over the weekend.

To help get your family on board, start slow and work your way into a full routine rather than tossing it out there for them all at once. With each step, you add to your morning routine for your family the more organized and ready for the day they will be.

It takes a while to form a new habit, so start by keeping your weekend morning routine as close as possible to your weekday routine to make it easier to transition back and forth between the two. This will help ease your family using weekend morning routines so you can start building off of that as a family.

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