Qualities Of A Good Friend



You should be able to trust a friend. Whether it’s with your deepest secret or just how dependable your friend is, a friend is someone whom you should always be able to rely upon.



A good friend cares about your well-being, even if they don’t always agree with every decision you make.



A dependable person follows through on plans. A dependable friend is on time and demonstrates that she cares about the friendship by being reliable.



Whether your friend is hilarious or you just share the same sense of humor, adding humor and laughter into a friendship is a great quality.


Good listener

If you’re always focused on what to say next instead of actually listening and paying attention to the person in front of you, your friendship can suffer.



Loyalty is an important trait in a friend. By being loyal and showing that you support your friend, you’ll build a strong relationship.



Everyone is different, and a good friend cherishes your differences and recognizes that they are what make you unique.



Are you a glass half full or half empty kind of person? Even if you have your bad days, positivity is a good trait to have in a friendship.



A good friend forgives. She doesn’t hold onto grudges.



You don’t have to be generous with money to be considered a generous person. Investing time, talent, AND resources into a friendship can pay off in huge dividends.