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10 Fun Gifts for Preschoolers

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Whether you have a preschooler of your own who “has everything” or you want to find that perfect gift for another child, these are some of my go-to educational gifts for preschoolers. They’re fun but still promote learning.

10+ Educational Gifts to Give a Preschooler

These are my favorite educational gifts to inspire creativity in both boys and girls.

1. Books

Dragons Love Tacos is a cute book for preschoolers

Preschoolers love to be read to, even familiar board books that they loved as toddlers. At this age, you may notice that they also enjoy “reading” to themselves and making up stories about their favorite books.

If you’ve given a child a book in the past, feel free to buy another book in the series, like another Curious George, Little Critter, or Mr. Men or Little Miss book.

In addition to favorite books, silly books are always a welcome addition to a child’s growing library. We especially love goofy books like Dragons Love Tacos.

2. Flash cards

These flash cards are perfect for preschoolers

Preschoolers are still learning their shapes, colors, and letters, so fun flash cards are a great way to encourage learning.

Many of the flash cards come with a “parent card,” which lists some tips and ideas to make learning fun.

An alternative to flash cards is a hanging daily calendar to teach preschoolers about the days of the week, weather, and their feelings.

3. Board games

Games are a fun way to encourage learning in preschoolers

Board games are a great way to encourage “family bonding.”

Traditional games like Candy Land, Chutes and Ladders, and Connect Four are wonderful to teach kids about counting and “following the rules.” Monopoly might be a little too advanced for kids at this age, but it can help them learn to count and understand money.

Memory and matching games, shape sorting games like Perfection, and small puzzles are also great to encourage learning and eye-hand coordination.

4. Mr. Potato Head

Mr. Potato Head

Kids love making silly faces, and Mr. Potato Head encourages eye-hand coordination and creativity.

We have a traditional Mr. Potato Head, a mini Potato Head set, and a Spiderman Potato Head. My kids are also going to be getting a Mrs. Potato Head for Christmas this year. The possibilities are endless. 😉

5. Play-Doh

Play-Doh is great for getting kids to manipulate things with their hands. It’s also a great stress reliever for adults. 😉

Since my Play-Doh creativity is limited to making snakes, we rely on Play-Doh sets to make cool designs. There are so many different Play-Doh kits available. You can also get a fun kit that encourages learning, like this alphabet kit.

We’ve also added plastic cookie dough cutters as a cheap way to expand our Play-Doh set.

6. Lincoln Logs

Lincoln Logs are a fun gift to encourage creative play for preschoolers

Lincoln Logs are an old favorite that encourage creativity and eye-hand-coordination. My son has a set of traditional Lincoln Logs while my daughter has her own set of pink and purple Lincoln Logs (she still loves to knock down whatever my son creates, though).

Younger kids may need help building houses and country stores, but as they get older, they’ll be able to build their own towns with ease.

In addition to inspiring kids to build and create, kids can also have fun finding unique uses for the logs. My nephew uses them as cargo for his semi-trucks while my daughter uses them as wands for her princess costumes. 😉

7. Dress up sets

Boys and girls alike love playing dress-up.

My son has “career” costumes (astronaut, construction worker, firefighter, etc.). He also loves his cowboy costume, super hero outfits, and he’s even paraded around the house in a dragon costume after reading Where the Wild Things Are.

So far, my daughter tends to wear “princess” costumes (she said she was going to be a princess for career day at school), but we’re working on getting her to wear the career costumes. Firefighter princess, anyone?

8. Activity trackersLeap Bands encourage kids to be more active while jumping like a frog and playing other fun activities.

My son was 4 when he started asking for a FitBit. Apparently, other kids in his school had one. Instead, we bought him a Leap Band.

The Leap Band is a fun alternative to adult activity trackers. It encourages creativity while getting kids to be more active as they participate in challenges like hopping like a kangaroo or pretending they’re a tiger. They also have parental controls, so you can schedule “quiet times” during school hours, naps, and after bedtime.

9. Blocks and building kits

Wooden blocks are a timeless gift, perfect for preschoolers

Wooden blocks are always a great present, but Mega Bloks and even Legos are good for older kids. Cardboard blocks are also fun. These larger blocks are perfect for making forts (but sturdy enough for rough and tumble boys).

Zoob Builderz are a fun alternative to traditional blocks. They often come with a purpose, like creating a monster truck, but they hook together so kids can get creative as they make their own creations.

10. Tablets and games

While I don’t like to plop my kids in front of the TV or iPad, technology has its place and can even be educational for kids.

My kids have Leap Pads, which have been lifesavers when we take road trips to visit family. The Leap Pads have apps that parents can download or game cartridges. They also have various accessories, like headphones and hard cases, so you can continue adding to the collection for upcoming birthdays and holidays.

They also have an Osmo, which is a camera that attaches to an iPad. The Osmo includes math games, tangrams, and alphabet/reading games.

Finding creative gifts for preschoolers can be so much fun! This list includes most of my go-to items for any price range. Whether you’re looking to get a small gift for a gift exchange or a larger gift for a close family member, these gifts are sure to make your preschooler’s day!

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