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Tooth Fairy Stationary

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Looking for cute printables for kids? Find ALL of the tooth fairy stationary for your little one, including tooth loss cards, tooth fairy certificates, and of course, tooth fairy letter templates!

tooth fairy stationary

What Do Tooth Fairies Leave?

Tooth Fairies often leave notes, little trinkets, origami money, and other creative Tooth Fairy gift ideas.

These tooth fairy ideas are perfect for girls and boys! It includes cute printables, money origami, and even DIY tips to make glitter money or a special meal for your child after he loses his first tooth.

Printable Tooth Fairy Stationary

If you’re looking for printable Tooth Fairy Stationary, here you go!

Sign up below to get my free printable Tooth Fairy stationary. Print it, write a sweet letter to your little one, and place it under their pillow.

Tooth Fairy Receipt PDF

If you want to get a bit fancier, get the Kids Holiday Letter Bundle – complete with a PDF Tooth Fairy Receipt, Tooth Fairy IOU (for those times when you have NO cash), door hangers, and more!

Tooth Fairy Receipt and bundle of holiday letters for kids

Tooth Fairy Letter Template

A Tooth Fairy note is a great way to comment on your child’s brushing habits, acknowledge their bravery for pulling/losing a tooth, and have fun with your kids!

Does the Tooth Fairy leave notes?

Of course the Tooth Fairy leaves notes for kids! So do elves, Santa, the Easter Bunny, and even leprechauns!

Get the Holiday Letter Bundle so you can leave your kids fun letter all year long.

What should a note from the Tooth Fairy say?

When writing a note from the Tooth Fairy to your child, this is your chance to praise your child for good brushing habits (or give some tips for improvement, like flossing with a fun flosser, brushing along the gum line, or remembering to brush for the entire two minutes).

Especially if you’re giving constructive criticism, be sure to include a fun gift, like a flavored flosser, sparkly toothpaste, or battery-powered toothbrush.

This is also your chance to encourage your child to tidy his bedroom or play area before going to bed. Write things like “Ow! I bumped my wing on the pile of toys on your floor!” or “Your Barbies said they were tired. Could you put them in their home before you go to bed every night?”

You can also mention recent events, like your child’s last report card, a fun field trip she might have gone on, or a class activity that you “saw” when you were watching for good behavior.

Another cute idea is to ask a question, like “what’s your favorite subject in school, what’s your favorite color, or how do you like playing (your child’s favorite sport)?”

Encourage your child to write a response and “mail it” to the Tooth Fairy or save it for the next loose tooth!

Tips for Writing Holiday Letters to Kids

The last thing you want to do when giving your child a letter from someone magical is spoil the surprise, so keep these tips in mind when creating your own holiday letters:

  • When writing letters to my kids from the Tooth Fairy, Santa, or Easter Bunny, I often spell my kids’ names wrong so they don’t realize the notes are from me.
  • I also disguise my handwriting or just type a letter in a fancy font so that the writing isn’t familiar to them.
  • Another trick is to use unique paper (or plain paper so it doesn’t look like stationary found in your home). You could also leave a pen next to the pad of paper that you use, so it looks like Santa, the Tooth Fairy, or Easter Bunny found the paper and pen in your child’s room and left the note in a hurry.

Leaving holiday letters to your children is a fun way to celebrate holidays throughout the year. Save your letters as mementos for later! But most importantly, have fun writing (and receiving) the letters with your kids!

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