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Last Minute Tooth Fairy Ideas to Delight Your Child

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Giving kids cute printables on holidays is the perfect way to celebrate. We’ve been on a tooth losing streak in our house (my son lost his fourth tooth yesterday and lost two this week), so I thought it was the perfect time to share some cute tooth fairy ideas

Since finding money under a pillow isn’t that impressive anymore (thanks, Pinterest 😉), this list has you covered with great ideas to make tooth fairy visits even more exciting for both girls and boys!

last minute tooth fairy ideas to delight your child

Write a fairy letter on Tooth Fairy stationary

Writing a letter to your child from the Tooth Fairy is such a cute way to memorialize the day. Save the letter in your child’s baby book so that you have a record of each lost tooth.

Each time your child loses a tooth, use the printable Tooth Fairy stationary to write another letter and talk about something that’s a big deal in your child’s life (how he lost his tooth, give advice for his next tooth, or give best wishes on his math test, etc.).

Send a letter from the Tooth Fairy

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    Create a tooth fairy kit

    Make a DIY tooth fairy kit!

    If you have a Cricut, make a personalized tooth tin and bag to store the tooth (and then the tooth fairy’s gift) when it’s under your child’s pillow.

    If you’re not crafty, I found this adorable tooth fairy kit on Amazon. I love the flap book so you have a place to save your child’s teeth, too.

    Use a tooth pillow

    Scared you’ll wake your sleeping child? Never fumble around, hunting for a missing tooth under your child’s head again.

    I love the idea of using a tooth pillow to store the tooth. In the middle of the night, find the little pillow and remove the tooth from the small pocket. Make it easy on yourself and hang the pillow on your child’s door or headboard, or even set it on the window sill. 😉

    It’s pretty easy to make a tooth pillow using these directions.

    If you’re not crafty, you can also find some really cute tooth pillows on Amazon, repurpose a mint tin, or make your own tooth box from my printable Tooth Fairy Bundle.

    Get a special tooth fairy plate

    These personalized ceramic dishes are such a special way to set out your child’s tooth. They also make it incredibly easy to find your child’s tooth in a dark (or messy) bedroom!

    Your child can even leave a “treat” for the Tooth Fairy on the plate to complete the fairy experience.

    Give glitter money

    Glitter money is a really easy and cute tooth fairy idea for boys and girls.

    A little glitter money is another really cool way to make the gift of money a little more special, and it’s great for girls and boys.

    To make glitter money, spray a crisp dollar bill with this fairy dust recipe:

    1. Use hairspray or spray adhesive to make the money slightly sticky
    2. Sprinkle fine glitter on the money
    3. Discard any extra glitter from the money
    4. Let the glitter dry before leaving the money in your child’s room

    Make money origami

    I made my son a ring out of a dollar bill and it was surprisingly simple. He’s been proudly showing off his new ring, even wearing it to school for Funday Friday. It’s pretty easy to make and it looks really cool, even to a little boy.

    Here’s a great list of ideas (and an easy tutorial with step-by-step directions) to make tooth fairy money origami.

    Hang a door hanger on your child’s door

    My mother-in-law is a dental hygienist, and she found a cute door hanger for my son’s room. Whenever the tooth fairy needs to come, we hang it on his bedroom door so she knows where to find him in our house.

    Get two printable door hangers in the Tooth Fairy Printable Bundle so you can reuse them each time your child loses another tooth.

    If you have a light sleeper, you can also tape your child’s tiny tooth to the door hanger and the Tooth Fairy can just leave a small gift for your child OUTSIDE of the bedroom.

    Celebrate with a special meal

    This recipe for fairy toast is a cute fairy tradition to start with your kids.

    Get up a couple minutes before the kids and surprise them with a special breakfast from the tooth fairy.

    If you have a special events plate, don’t forget to use it and write the date on it!

    Give a Tooth Fairy IOU

    Out of dollar bills? Can’t find a gold coin??? Don’t have any real money in your entire home? No judgment here!

    If never fails that you need small bills when you don’t have them. 

    I started saving crisp one dollar bills in an envelope after I had to frantically raid my husband’s wallet for ones, only to find a ten dollar bill, which was a lot more than the tooth fairy was planning on paying. I save the envelope for a field trip funds, school spirit day, or the Tooth Fairy.

    However, if you’re scrambling at the last minute, a cute “I owe you” note is a creative way to make the tooth fairy’s visit special even if you don’t have fairy coins on hand.

    Personalize the IOU however you want (with an ice cream from your child’s favorite shop, a trip to the zoo, or whatever you think your child will love).

    Get my printable Tooth Fairy IOU in the Printable Tooth Fairy Bundle!

    Make a tooth preservation kit

    If your child has poor oral hygiene, was blessed with a sweet tooth, or doesn’t exactly love brushing his teeth, make a “tooth preservation kit” to save those pearly whites.

    Include things like a new toothbrush, sparkly toothpaste, and special flossers (my kids love these Listerine flossers – they’re a great way for younger children to reach the baby teeth in the back of their mouths).

    You could also include some healthy snacks, like an apple.

    My daughter refuses to drink milk, so I plan to include calcium vitamins and a carton of soy milk in her kit to promote oral health.

    Give a Tooth Fairy Report

    Want to encourage better brushing and dental hygiene? Print a Tooth Fairy Report, complete with a tooth chart and information about which tooth was lost, the value of the tooth, and notes about your child’s brushing habits.

    Get the Tooth Fairy Report in the Tooth Fairy Bundle here and encourage your kids to take good care of their teeth!

    Include a tooth fairy receipt

    Every transaction needs a receipt! Thank your child for trading their tooth (and save the tooth fairy certificate as a record in their baby book).

    Losing a tooth is a rite of passage, but it can be an emotional time for young kids, especially the first time. They may be scared, excited, nervous, and even a little sore! Use these last minute tooth fairy ideas to celebrate this exciting time with your child and create new traditions with the whole family!

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