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Systems to Organize Summer

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Summer’s in full swing! feel like you’re living in a zoo?

Instead of wasting your days picking up after the kids and wondering when school is starting again, wouldn’t it be nice if you could have an organized, FUN summer, even with the kids home?

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Tired of stressing because the kids are home from school, messing up your house, demanding snacks every two seconds, and complaining that they’re bored?

Wouldn’t you love to plan a summer that everyone can enjoy? Or keep your home CLEAN (so unexpected visits from your mother-in-law don’t require panicked excuses for the crumbs on the floor)??


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Keep your home grass and laundry-free without constantly nagging (or just doing everything yourself).

Use the Solutions to Maintain a Clean Home ebook with simple kids’ chores and cleaning guides to make your home sparkle without the daily drama.

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Stop trying to juggle all of your (and your kids’) summer plans.

The 2019 Summer Planner and Schedule Organizer has calendars, planners, and journals to keep your sports’ schedules, meals, and fun activities organized. 


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Overcome the summer boredom complaints.

Keep the kids entertained, even on rainy days, with the coloring pages, journals, and printables in the Mess-Free Kids’ Activities pack.

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Ready to have Mess-Free fun this summer?
Here’s your chance. 

You want your life to be organized. Stress-free. SIMPLE.  

And yet….

  • Your kids act like monkeys on the loose from the zoo.
  • Your routines flew out the window the second the bus pulled away on the last day of school.
  • And you can’t focus long enough to finish your thought, let alone vacuum the grass off the living room floor.  

Wouldn’t it be nice if your home (and your kids) were more manageable? Balancing motherhood and summer doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Let’s take control! 

You can have clean floors and an organized day, even while your kids have a FUN summer!  

Start today with the Systems to Organize Summer (S.O.S.) bundle.

 Printable and checklists to stay organized and entertain the kids this summer


  • The Solutions to Maintain a Clean Home ebook, which is filled with simple tips to clean your home, printable and digital chore charts for moms and kids, and planning pages so you can tackle extra cleaning projects without the stress.
  • The Mess-Free Kids’ Activities printable pack, which contains over 150 pages of mazes, journal prompts, and coloring pages to keep your kids busy.
  • The 2019 Summer Planner with 100 monthly calendar pages, vacation planning checklists, and daily planners. 

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Meet Alison LangeHi, I’m Alison, a former project manager turned stay-at-home-mom.

I originally made this activities bundle because I wanted to keep my kids entertained while still keeping my house CLEAN in the summer.

As I freaked out because the kids were constantly tracking grass onto my freshly scrubbed floor…
and wanted to give up because the kids’ toys and clothes were on every surface…
and felt the hives and twitching eyes over the stress of trying to do it all…
I realized that this isn’t how summer is supposed to be!

I created Systems to Organize Summer: Keep Your Home Clean, Simplify Your Routines, and Entertain Your Kids (otherwise known as S.O.S. 😉) to simplify it ALL. 

It’s a bundle of adorable kids’ activities and coloring pages (that will keep your home mess-free), cleaning schedules and checklists (for kids and moms), and planning pages to organize all your summer activities – basically everything you need so you can finally have a fun, organized, simple summer.

❤️ Use the Solutions to Maintain a Clean Home ebook with simple tips, printable checklists, and a Trello board to stay on top of ALL your laundry piles, kids’ toys, and grassy floors

❤️ Let your kids have fun on rainy days and road trips with the Mess-Free Kids’ Activities printable coloring pages, journals, and checklists

❤️ Reduce stress and manage your day-to-day tasks better with the 2019 Summer Planner calendar pages, meal planner, and journals.

Life (and homes) can be messy, and things can pile up quickly, especially when you’re constantly on the go with a jam-packed summer schedule. 

But we can fix that! 

Get your S.O.S. bundle now and start organizing your summer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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The Systems to Organize Summer: Keep Your Home Clean, Simplify Your Routines, and Entertain Your Kids bundle is a digital download. As soon as you order here, a digital copy will be emailed to you for printing.

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In the Systems to Organize Summer: Keep Your Home Clean, Simplify Your Routines, and Entertain Your Kids bundle, you’ll get three ebooks and instructions to download a Trello board included in one large PDF file. In total, it’s over 260 pages, so you may want to print each book individually as you use it (see the next tab for printing instructions).

  • In the Solutions to Maintain a Clean Home ebook, you’ll get simple tips, printable checklists, and instructions to download a bonus Trello board to organize your (and your kids’) cleaning routines.
  • The Mess-Free Kids’ Activities is a guide with easy activities to entertain kids, printable coloring pages, and journal prompts so kids can have fun while still keeping your house clean.
  • The 2019 Summer Planner has a blank meal planning page, vacation planners, calendar pages to track activities, and bullet journal templates so you can organize your entire summer schedule.

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The bundle is a full-color PDF file that prints on 8.5″ by 11″ paper.

You may want to print on higher quality paper to prevent ink bleed-though, especially if you’re printing front to back. Although 20-24 lb. paper works, I had the best luck printing on 28 lb. paper.

[/et_pb_toggle][et_pb_toggle title=”Is this a physical binder that will be mailed to me?” admin_label=”Is this a physical product?” _builder_version=”3.11.1″ custom_margin=”-30px|||||”]

This is a digital product only. After you order here, you’ll get an email with a PDF file to download, which you can then print at home. There is nothing to be shipped in the mail because you’ll get immediate access to the Systems to Organize Summer: Keep Your Home Clean, Simplify Your Routines, and Entertain Your Kids PDF.

Follow the instructions in the question above for how to print and start using your bundle right away.

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Organize your summer and get your life under control with the Systems to Organize Summer: Keep Your Home Clean, Simplify Your Routines, and Entertain Your Kids bundle.

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