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Summer Routine Ideas

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Summer days tend to be lazier than the typical stress-filled days of the school year. Whether you have planned vacations or a summer bucket list a mile long, these summer routine ideas will help you create a summer routine that your kids love (and that you can still enjoy) without feeling like you’re either missing out or trying to do too much.

the best summer routine ideas

What to Expect:

  • Learn How to Make a Summer Routine
  • Find Out Which Types of Routines are Most Important for Your Family
  • Learn How to Put Your Child on a Schedule

How do I make a summer routine?

When making a summer routine, start by thinking about your upcoming plans. Are you going on vacation? Do you want to plan a fun activity for your kids or go on a family excursion on a regular basis? 

In addition, consider what you hope to accomplish each day and what absolutely needs to be finished every day. Add these summer chores for kids to your kids’ routines.

Finally, use your typical school-day routine as a starting point. Consider things like your morning routine, your evening bedtime routine, and your overall daily routine. 

  • What worked well on those structured days? 
  • Do you need to account for nap schedules or a relatively early bedtime for your toddler? 
  • Are you able to add more freedom into your schedule now that you’re in vacation mode?

Summer morning routine

To plan a summer morning routine for kids, use these routine ideas to create a starting point.

Here's how to create the best summer morning routine for kids. Stay active and have fun this vacation!

If your child is attending summer school, check out these tips to create a summer school morning routine so you can make the most of fun summer activities while still getting out the door on time (and with enough energy) to attend summer school.

summer school morning routine - create a simple routine that helps your kids make the most out of summer vacation

Summer evening routine

Depending on whether you’re spending a lazy evening at home or out with friends, use these tips to create a summer night routine.

summer night routine

Summer daily routine

When creating a daily routine for summer, add the most important things first, then consider the things you want to include in your day. Follow these tips to make a daily routine that works for your family:

summer daily routine for kids

Make sure to plan lots of fun activities into your daily routine. Here’s how to have the best summer this year.

how to have the best summer

Summer activities for kids

Plan a fun activity at least once a week, if not once a day. You don’t have to get extravagant every day, and you can also use these activities as rewards for completing the summer chores for kids.

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    Summer chores for kids

    Using a chore chart is a great idea to keep kids focused year-round, but during the summer, feel free to add additional, age-appropriate chores.

    These summer chores for kids are a great starting point for creating (or adding to) your summer chore chart. 

    How do I put my child on a summer schedule?

    The change from a strict school schedule to a summer vacation or holiday schedule can be a tough transition for kids.

    Start by creating a solid bedtime routine, even on nights when you’re busy, so that your kids get enough sleep.

    Then, look at using a summer routine template to add the pieces you need to make an awesome daily routine.

    Sleep schedule 

    Depending on your child’s age and the planned activities throughout the summer, you may still need to be strict with your child’s sleep schedule.

    If you are on vacation or don’t have to take the kids anywhere the next day, feel free to do some fun evening activities, like catching fireflies, roasting marshmallows, or “camping” in the living room.

    However, if you still have to work and/or take the kids to summer school or daycare the next day, following a consistent sleep schedule is important. In those instances, follow your typical evening routine and stay on an age-appropriate sleep schedule.

    Summer schedule template

    Get summer planning pages, schedule templates, and more in the Systems to Organize Summer Bundle.

    Keep your kids productive with chore charts, stay on track of summer sports schedules and pool parties, and enjoy the summer with a little planning!

    Conclusion: Create the Best Summer Routine for Your Family

    If you want to have fun and plan lots of fun activities this summer, make sure you’re filling your routine with the most important things. Reward your kids for doing their chores and plan fun family outings, even if you’re still working or your kids need to attend summer school.

    You can have a great summer this year with a little planning!

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