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Summer Activities to Entertain Your Kids

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“I’m bored!”

It’s the dreaded phrase every parent hates to hear. Vacations and summer break are supposed to be a time of relaxation and a slower pace for everyone, but try telling that to your “bored” child.

If it’s only the second day of school break and your child is already complaining (and you’re ready to rip out your hair in frustration), check out this summer bucket list. It’s a list of activities to keep your kids busy all summer long.

There’s also a free printable version so your kids can check off each activity as they complete it. Download it in the free resource library!

Free printable summer bucket list - perfect to keep your kids entertained during summer break and school vacations. Download and print the checklist so the kids can have fun checking off each activity!

  1. Go to a museum
  2. Go to a park
  3. Visit relatives
  4. Have a picnic
  5. Eat ice cream or popsicles (bonus points if you make them yourself)
  6. Explore a science center
  7. Invite a friend over
  8. Swim in a lake
  9. Make breakfast for dinner
  10. Sleep (or read a book) in a tent
  11. Roast marshmallows or make a camper pie
  12. Look at the constellations (try downloading an app on your phone to show you where to find each constellation)
  13. Catch a lightning bug
  14. Jump in a puddle (send the kids outside on a rainy day – just make sure there’s no lightning!)
  15. Have a water balloon fight (these balloons are so easy to fill)
  16. Read a book
  17. Build an indoor fort
  18. Blow bubbles
  19. Play with sidewalk chalk
  20. Create a rock collection
  21. Have a building contest with Play-Doh
  22. Put on a show
  23. Paint a picture
  24. Write a letter (mail it to a long-distance relative or even send it to a nursing home to cheer someone up)
  25. Go to a library (many libraries have summer activities, so check the website or call ahead to find out if there are any exciting activities)
  26. Bake a dessert
  27. Watch a movie (share your favorite childhood movie with your kids)
  28. Play putt-putt golf
  29. Ride a bike
  30. Swim in a pool (or run through a sprinkler)
  31. Study a bug
  32. Make a sandcastle
  33. Visit a farm
  34. Go bowling (this is a perfect rainy day activity)
  35. Climb a tree
  36. Pick a bouquet of flowers
  37. Make s’mores
  38. Watch a baseball game

This is a great list to banish boredom and get your kids to think of creative activities. Don’t forget to print a copy and add some of your own ideas to the bottom!

Sharing is caring!