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5 Easy Steps to Declutter a Room Quickly

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There’s a tendency to feel overwhelmed when you’re deciding how to declutter, but there are ways of making the whole decluttering process as painless as possible. 

These easy steps to declutter a room will help you get your room decluttered quickly.

5 easy steps to declutter a room quickly

How do you start decluttering a room quickly?

We have all owned a cluttered space at one point or another. Whether it’s a room that the entire family uses or just your bedroom, clutter quickly builds up when we don’t make time to clean it out.

Getting started is much easier than you might think. Here are five easy steps to declutter your space in no time:

What is the first step to decluttering your room? 

The first step with any project is to make a game plan. Assess your room and decide HOW you’ll begin decluttering.

You need to create a strategy for the best way you’ll declutter the room.

Always go in a single direction, focus on one shelf or drawer, and commit to never returning to an area you’ve already hit.

You may want to start with the back of the room and work from left to right, then toward the door. Or, you could begin at one side of the room, moving steadily across to the other side.

Step 2: Gather Your Tools

You’ll need some tools to make this job easier.

  • Be sure to have large, sturdy garbage bags for trash and recycling (these are the “extra heavy duty” contractor bags that I used when we were moving. Best investment ever!)
  • Get some baskets (these collapsable laundry baskets are sturdy enough to do the job, and then they’re the perfect size to use in the laundry room) to hold things you plan to keep or sort and cardboard boxes for donations.
  • You’ll also need post-it notes or masking tape and a marker for labeling.
  • Finally, a timer will keep you on track. Whether you use your phone, Alexa, or a simple kitchen timer, plan to work in 15 or 25 minute increments.

You’ll also need to set aside a large space for sorting; this can be on a bed, a card table, or just the middle of the floor as long as you have space so that your piles don’t run together.

If you need help decluttering, get the Conquer Your Chaos Decluttering Bundle. It includes the Weekend Warrior Decluttering Guide to help you declutter quickly, and it has checklists for every room in your home.

Step 3: Declutter the Large Items in the Room First

For a faster tidy up session, clear out any large items from your room beforehand.

Set a timer for just 15 minutes and then start moving any furniture that you don’t want to keep anymore.

Step 4: Start Labeling and Creating Your Piles

Note: While it may seem like steps three and four should be switched, it’s important to make space for our decluttering process. By decluttering (and removing) the largest items first, we’ll have more room for everything else.

Use the post-its or tape and marker to label your baskets. In particular, you’ll need the following baskets or piles:

  • Keep
  • Action Needed (for repairs, returning to friends, etc.)
  • Sell
  • Donate
  • Trash
  • Move (to another room)

You may also wish to label your boxes if you plan to donate to separate places, but this isn’t always necessary.

As you’re creating your labeled piles, don’t forget to stick a post-it or label on the larger items that you already decluttered with their final destination, like donate, sell, etc.

Step 5: Declutter the Smaller Items Last

Once you’ve taken care of some of your bigger household items, you’ll have more space for organizing.

Repeat the decluttering process with the small and medium-sized things in your room:

  • Figure out which items need to go
  • Assign a spot for things that need to stay 
  • Sort through the items you decide should be kept
  • Store things away in containers
  • Put away any items that are in plain sight

You’ll need a sorting space for small items, so you may need to use space at the foot of your bed or on a card table.

It’s hard to decide whether or not you should keep something. Just remember to only keep items that help you enjoy your life more.

When decluttering small items, start by placing them in their designated containers. For the medium sized ones, you can follow the same steps as for big items, but put them away instead of removing them from your work area.

Decluttering the smaller items might take longer due to the sorting process, so feel free to set your timer a few extra rounds.

Even with the most cluttered room, this process shouldn’t take more than a day to complete.

How to Start Decluttering When Overwhelmed

It’s important to clear your house, apartment, or office of clutter regularly. Just remember that “less is more.”

But decluttering when overwhelmed can be really difficult.

If you need some hand-holding throughout the entire decluttering process, check out the Impactful Habits, Organized Home course. I absolutely love the weekly emails and monthly focus so that you declutter and organize every space in your home.

Impactful Habits, Organized Home

When you’re totally overwhelmed, start with the basics. Follow the five steps above and use a timer to help you focus. 

Start by gathering your supplies, put on some upbeat music, and get to work. You can do this!

Declutter Your Home Checklist

If you want to follow the KonMari decluttering technique, check out The Most Important Marie Kondo Decluttering Tips You Need to Know Before You Start Organizing.

You can also sign up to download the free printable Marie Kondo decluttering checklist below to help you make decisions and use as you declutter every room in your home. 

It’s an easy way to help you stay focused and declutter quickly.

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