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Single Mom Routine That Lets You Breathe

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As a single mom you are essentially taking on the role of both parents – as if being just the one parent is not tough enough, now you have to assume the role of both. Having this kind of responsibility can really be overwhelming when creating routines for moms, so we wanted to give you some insight into things you can do to create a single mom routine that lets you breathe.

Exhale. Let’s get started.

single mom routine that lets you breathe

What to expect:

  • Create your own single mom’s morning routine to set yourself up for success
  • How to get the kids’ morning routine started
  • How to take care of your family’s needs every evening
  • Follow an evening routine checklist that you love
  • Preparation will help you stick to your daily routine


The first point of call is a morning routine. This is imperative in a multiple parent household – so it is doubly so for a single mom.

The way your morning starts will ultimately determine how your day will flow, not only for yourself but for your kids as well.

Here are some steps you can implement as part of your morning routine:

Take the time you usually wake up and set your alarm 1 hour earlier. This way you will be up before your child/children are and you can really ease into things.

Have a cuppa, do some yoga, maybe you want to get 20 minutes of exercise in. Better still – take an invigorating shower with no interruptions.

Once you have taken care of your own wellbeing (a fabulous way to start the day, don’t you agree?), then you can get your kiddos ready for their day.


You will want to make sure that you have everything needed for their wholesome breakfast set up before they head to the table. If they are old enough, let them sort themselves out with breakfast cereal or whatever they fancy.

It helps if your children can help you facilitate your single mom routine by sticking to a schedule in the morning. Maybe you have a daily chore chart with all that needs to happen, such as:

  • eat breakfast
  • brush teeth
  • wash face
  • get dressed

Let them check it off as they go along.

While you are getting yourself dressed and pretty then you can have peace of mind (mostly) that the children are doing their part.

Once all that is done, grab the bags and head out the door or onto the school bus or however things roll in your home.

Your morning routine is done and dusted and hopefully all parties are happy to get on with the day!


Depending on your circumstances, you will either collect your kids from school or aftercare or extra-curricular activities and head home.

Now the evening routine starts. It is a good idea to try to get your kids to help. Stick to a schedule that allows everyone to ease into the late afternoon/evening before heading to bed.

Children can really surprise us sometimes and love to be independent – so let them get their homework (if any) done while you fix them a snack. Help if help is needed, but if not, let them just be.

While they snack, perhaps they can have screen time or play outside. And you can take a load off.

Dinner time is up next and then bedtime routine.


Take a look at this checklist and try to make it a consistent thing (obviously deviating as needed to suit your situation).

MEAL PREP – try to prepare meals for the week ahead on a Sunday. That way you free up a vast amount of time that can be better spent with your kids or on yourself. Put them in containers in the fridge or freezer and mark them accordingly. This allows you or your children (depending on the age) to take them out, heat the meal up and tuck in.

CLEAN UP TIME – This should be a joint effort. Everyone in the house should have a task. Put dishes in the sink, wash dishes, dry dishes, pack away dishes.

Any toys, activities, clothes etc. left lying around needs to find its place before settling down.

TV TIME – Depending on when your children need to head to bed, maybe you have some quality family time watching a fun family show.

BATH TIME – Some moms like to do this before dinner, but either way make sure you fit it in. The bath time helps to soothe everyone and show it is soon time to sleep.

STORY AND SLEEP – Younger kids will want a story. Older ones may just want to chat or have some screen time or even read their own book. Whatever it is, let it happen for a maximum of 30 minutes. Then lights off and dreamland.

MOM TIME – Take at least an hour for yourself before bedtime. A bubble bath, read a book, whatever your soul needs. Ideally before you do this – prepare everything for the next day such as packing lunches, putting out the clothes and whatever else is needed.

Having any form of this routine will ensure that you as the single mom can breathe. Get my free printable evening routine checklist here:

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Next steps: plan ahead to create an awesome daily routine

As you will see above, the main key to having a single mom routine that lets you breathe is PREPARATION.

Preparing things in advance will help you stay sane and will also allow your children to help themselves and help you.

And the biggest takeaway – always make time for yourself. You deserve it!

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