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Insanely Easy Ways to Decorate for Halloween and Thanksgiving

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Decorating for fall can be a challenge. There are so many holidays in a row and each one could use special decorations. But then you end up swapping decorations obsessively, feeling like your home is never fully decorated!

Instead of decorating for specific holidays, try decorating for seasons, like putting out general fall decorations instead of swapping Halloween decorations for Thanksgiving.

As you’re decorating for fall, try using these simple decorations to transition from Halloween to Thanksgiving. The best part? Most of these decorations take less than five minutes to do AND you can use natural elements, making these Halloween and DIY Thanksgiving decorations super affordable. 

simple fall decor to transition between Halloween and Thanksgiving

1. Pumpkins and gourds

Uncarved pumpkins and gourds make a great fall centerpiece to transition from Halloween to Thanksgiving.

Natural materials like colorful pumpkins will last longer (and make the transition from Halloween to Thanksgiving) if they aren’t carved.

Use pumpkins as centerpieces on your tables or place them on your front porch. Add some smaller gourds around the pumpkins (or even create Thanksgiving centerpieces for your dinner table out of gourds).

Feel free to paint them, but try to steer clear of anything that looks too scary or Halloween-ish so they last through the entire holiday season.

2. Fall foliage or artificial leaves to match your color scheme

Use artificial leaves for a pop of color and a simple way to decorate your home this fall.

Leaves are so versatile, and the fall colors add an instant pop of color to your home. Sprinkle them around a vase for a cute centerpiece in the living room or add them to other decorations for a pop of color.

While you can bring in some leaves from outside (fun activity for the kids?), I keep it simple (and allergen-free) by using artificial leaves, faux flowers, and faux pumpkins to create my Thanksgiving table decor

After Thanksgiving, save the leaves and seasonal decor to use next year!

3. Acorns

Hang acorns on branches as ornaments or string them together as napkin rings.

For a fun fall activity, send the kids outside to collect as many as they can and then put them to work stringing them together to create a stunning centerpiece for your Thanksgiving dinner.

4. Pinecones

Pine cones are perfect to transition from fall to winter.

In the fall, add some artificial leaves in a glass vase of pinecones. After Thanksgiving, spend five minutes and remove the leaves. Add small Christmas bulbs or string lights to add pops of color and make the transition from fall to winter as you prep your Christmas decor for holiday parties.

5. Apples

Eating a healthy snack is a quick and easy pick-me-up.

Float some apples in water with tea lights to create a colorful centerpiece. To make your apples last longer, when you’re not floating them, feel free to just place red apples in a white bowl to add some color to your kitchen. 

Add a variety of apples and a couple of oranges to add even more color. Be careful to store the other fruit separately from the apples, though, because apples emit a gas that can cause other fruits to go bad faster.

6. Corn

Use colored corn as a simple fall decoration.

Gather colorful corn and place it around a candle.

If you know a farmer, ask for some corn stalks to make an arrangement on your front porch. 😉 If not, you may be able to find some at a farmer’s market or even at a grocery store.

7. Halloween candy

Candy corn and candy pumpkins make the transition from Halloween to Thanksgiving. Also, plain chocolate, like Hershey’s nuggets work well, but be careful to stick to candy that doesn’t have typical Halloween colors or wrapping, like skeletons, on it.

Fill a simple glass dish (or glass pumpkin, as long as it’s not a jack-o-lantern) with gold or orange candy.

8. Pretty printables

Use one dedicated picture frame and swap out the printable each season or have a picture frame for each season (fall, winter, spring, and summer) and rotate them as the seasons change.

If you’re looking for a cute printable, download this autumn wall art for free here:

9. Hand towels

There’s no easier way to decorate than setting out seasonal hand towels or kitchen towels.

Instead of buying individual towels with scary skeletons, jack-o-lanterns, or even turkeys on them, try to find cute towels with leaves or pumpkins. I found some adorable bathroom and kitchen towels at Kohl’s that I quickly set out whenever unexpected guests visit our house.

10. Blankets and pillows

Pile cozy blankets and pillows on the couch and backs of chairs to create a cozy, welcoming atmosphere.

Another great way to store blankets is to pile them in a cute basket. Put the basket next to the couch for easy access when guests come over (or when you’re having a lazy evening on the couch). 😉

11. Fall wreath

Fall-themed wreaths are the perfect accessory for your front door.

Invest in a matching festive doormat to let your front porch take center stage this fall season.

12. Autumnal floral arrangements

Whether you create your fall centerpieces with fresh fall flowers or creative ideas from the crafts store, take your home decor to the next level.

Check out these ideas to create easy DIY ideas for your Thanksgiving table setting:

13. Beautiful decorations to use outdoors

Create a warm feeling on your front or back porch with hay bales, corn husks and stalks, and beautiful orange pumpkins. Visit a local farmer to create your festive spaces outdoors, and adorn your patio furniture with autumnal colors and decor for just a few more months – fall bonfires can last well into the month of November!

14. Fall scents

For a super easy way to make your home smell like fall, boil cinnamon sticks, apple peels, orange rinds and whole cloves. You can also put this in a slow cooker to make your home smell warm and inviting all day.

For an even easier way to bring the scent of fall into your home, try diffusing your favorite essential oils (try one from this list of fall diffuser blends) or setting out a Mrs. Meyer’s candle. Bonus: right now, new customers can sign up for a free gift from Grove. 😍

Click HERE to shop the Mrs. Meyer’s Fall Seasonal Scents Collection and receive a free gift with your first purchase!

Bringing fall into your home can be simple. Best of all, you don’t have to change your decorations to transition between Halloween and Thanksgiving if you use these simple decorations!

What’s your favorite way to decorate your home for fall?

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