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Quick and Easy Vegetarian Meals

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How often do you change your favorite recipes? If you’ve been learning how to meal plan for any length of time, chances are that you have your favorite meals on rotation.

But if you’re bored with your traditional favorites, or if you’re looking for some new meals to add to your rotation, these easy vegetarian recipes are perfect to make for Meatless Mondays, on Fridays during Lent, or even just to add some new dinners to your meal plan.

These 4 savory vegetarian recipes are so easy to make. They're the perfect comfort food to make on busy weeknights.

I get it. Cooking when your family has dietary restrictions is challenging enough. And when you finally find some recipes that the kids can eat (and actually enjoy), you stick to them!

My kids have food allergies, but I’ve been so tired of making the same boring pasta dishes on repeat. But cooking with food allergies can get expensive, so I’ve been exploring meatless options.

These vegetarian (and vegan – I included substitutions since my kids are allergic to milk and egg) recipes are easy to make.

They’re also perfect for busy weeknights, and they can even be prepped ahead of time if you love freezer cooking (hint: if you’re looking for more amazing freezer meals, MyFreezEasy has an awesome collection of “clean eats,” vegan, and allergen-friendly recipes on their meal planning app).

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Whether you’re trying to get picky eaters to eat more vegetables or want to try meatless versions of your favorite recipes, these recipes are delicious. They’re also the ultimate comfort food!

Vegetarian Mushroom Stroganoff

This meatless stroganoff recipe is easy to make and delicious. Packed full of mushrooms, it's a hearty comfort food dish.

Perfect for Meatless Monday, this vegetarian mushroom stroganoff recipe is easy to make and delicious. Loaded with mushrooms, it’s a hearty twist on traditional beef stroganoff.

Meatless Lasagna

This meatless lasagna recipe is easy to make and delicious. Whether you're looking for a vegetarian recipe or just a healthy alternative to traditional lasagna, this recipe is amazing.

This meatless lasagna recipe is so easy to make. It’s not your mama’s traditional recipe, but it’s packed with vegetables – perfect to sneak veggies onto your kid’s plate. Whether you’re vegetarian or just looking for a simple twist on a favorite comfort food recipe, this recipe is delicious.

Lentil Bolognese Sauce

This easy-to-make Bolognese sauce is a savory vegetarian dish made with lentils.

This healthy version of Bolognese sauce is easy to make. Made with lentils and vegetables, it makes a quick, savory, meatless meal.

Savory Onion Pie

This savory onion pie is a delicious vegan comfort food. It's easy to make, too!

This savory onion pie recipe is vegetarian. It’s the perfect comfort food for meatless meals and Fridays during Lent. Best of all, with the chopped onions, it’s kid-friendly (they’ll never know they’re getting their veggies with every bite).

Next Steps

As you incorporate more simple, easy-to-make vegetarian recipes into your meal plan, you’ll save money AND time in the kitchen.

These recipes are the perfect starting point.

For more simple recipes, get the Organized Motherhood Kitchen Binder, which includes 30+ slow cooker recipes, 20+ Instant Pot recipes, inventory checklists, and more to make cooking easy.

If you’re interested in freezer cooking or batch cooking, check out the MyFreezEasy app and website.

Bon appetit!

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