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Qualities of Successful Parents

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Are you struggling being a mom? The truth is most of us feel this way from time to time. The fact that you wonder about this simply means that you care about doing a good job as a parent.

When it comes to good parenting, you will notice that there are some common qualities of successful parents that have the joy and privilege of looking back on their parenting years without regret.

Qualities of a successful parent - all the characteristics you need to have to raise great kids.

Successful parents are supportive

There is no such thing as a perfect parent but one of the best qualities of successful parents is to be supportive.

Your child will find new hobbies, interests, and activities that require support for them to thrive. This can look like proving them with supplies or simply being there for your child by showing up. In this case, it really is the little things that matter.

Successful people often have parents that are there to support and cheer them on every step of the way.

Successful parents are loving

The kids that grow up to make it further in life and live a life of happiness are the ones that grow up feeling loved. The more love you put into your child the more they will love themselves and see their own worth.

When someone sees that they have value and are worthy, they are more likely to insist that they get what they deserve out of life.

A loved child grows up to be an adult that is less likely to seek out attention in all the wrong places.

I love the Becoming a Deliberate Mom Workbook and Get Reflective Parenting Journal. They’re so helpful for building stronger, more loving relationships with your children.

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Guide in the right direction

When you take the time to show your child the right direction in a kind, loving way, you help them learn how to choose the right path. Guiding your child doesn’t mean always telling them what to do or solving all of their problems, but rather directing them to the path they need to follow and steer them back when they need your help.

Stay calm even when it is hard so that at the end of the day your child remembers the guidance, not your anger directing them back onto the path to success.

Your child can look back on those memories to help them when they are older.

For more help on how to be an effective parent and guide your children, check out the Parenting Manual 101 course. It’s created by a former teacher and parent of four, so it’s relatable and SO HELPFUL. I especially liked the lessons on anger management and discipline.

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Understanding parents raise emotionally healthy children

One marker of successful parenting is children that have the emotional intelligence needed to thrive into adulthood.

When you show your child that you are willing to take the time to understand them and acknowledge that mistakes happen and they can learn from them without constant punishment you help your child learn to give themselves grace.

Remember that your voice will one day become their inner voice.

The kinder and more understanding you are with your child, the better they will be with themselves.

Successful parents strive to set a positive example

The most successful parents are the ones that are strong, hardworking, and persevering. This is because these are the parents that set a strong example for their children.

Parents that display what it is like to work hard and let their kids see them struggle and get back up show their children that while no one is perfect we should keep going and get back up.

When you show this attitude, your child is more likely to behave the same way and not let minor setbacks get in the way of their lives.

Successful parents teach responsibility and accountability

It is our job as parents to teach our children to be responsible and to hold them accountable for their actions.

It is our job to teach our children how to have a good work ethic, even when they don’t want work hard.

A common problem in today’s society is the lack of holding young people accountable for their choices and mistakes.

When we take a step back and choose to hold our children accountable for the things they do or do not do we teach them that life has consequences and to make smart choices as well as own up to their own mistakes and make things right.

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Successful parents don’t expect perfection

Kids will make mistakes and good parenting is not about preventing this and expecting your child to be perfect but about teaching your child to learn from mistakes and to get back up from failures.

We as parents are not perfect ourselves and cannot expect others to be perfect either, especially our children.

When your child does something wrong, talk to them about it and help them to learn from the lesson but stay calm and gentle as much as possible.

Be gentle and accepting of your child’s imperfections while helping them to grow as people. Remember that the example you set for your child on this goes a long way.

Let your child see you fail, let them see you be imperfect, and let them see you learn from it all.

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