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The Best Non-Candy Easter Basket Stuffers You Can Get at the Last Minute (2024)

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Looking for the best Easter basket stuffers to entertain your kids on Easter Sunday?

The Easter Bunny has taken to Pinterest to create beautiful, Instagram-worthy baskets. But if you’re not crafty or if you don’t have a lot of time, trying to celebrate Easter without making your kids feel like the Easter Bunny forgot their house can be a challenge.

These are great ideas for Easter basket stuffers. Cute ideas if you're looking for non-candy ways to fill your kids' Easter baskets!

Even if you are crafty, finding unique Easter treats for kids or even making cute goodie bags for your child’s Easter party at school can be a lot of fun, but it also takes a lot of time.

Start your Easter egg hunt with a fun letter from the Easter Bunny. Then use some of these non-candy treats to avoid the holiday sugar rush and delight your kids of all ages.


Want to get creative (and prevent tooth decay) without breaking the bank or staying up all night to craft? Read on for non-candy ideas to fill an Easter basket!

Cute Easter Basket Stuffers for Babies

We started doing Easter egg hunts with my kids when they could crawl, but we only hid a few eggs in really obvious places. Save the egg hunts for toddlers and older kids, and instead focus on filling your baby’s Easter basket with age-appropriate Easter toys.

A stuffed animal or Squishmallow (the best ones are at Costco) makes a great basket filler.

Everyday essentials also make great basket stuffers for babies. Include things like:

  • teethers
  • jars of baby food
  • pacifiers
  • new bottles
  • treats like Gerber Puffs

Favorite Easter Basket Stuffers for Toddlers

Plastic eggs or egg-decorating kits

Before you get started filling your kids’ Easter baskets, start with the Easter eggs.

We use plastic eggs in our house because my kids have food allergies (they’re allergic to eggs, among other things). But even if your kids don’t have food allergies, plastic eggs are so easy to use, your house won’t stink if you can’t find one for a week, and you can even get pre-filled eggs with toys inside!

To cut down on sibling rivalry, you could also get themed eggs, like these plastic emoji eggs or these Peppa Pig eggs, and then put a matching toy, like The Emoji Movie or a Peppa Pig book, in each child’s basket. Each child then finds their special eggs based on their basket theme.

If you do want to decorate hard boiled eggs, make it easy on yourself and get an egg decorating kit.

Bath toys

My kids love to play with themed bath toys.

We use these holiday rubber ducks during bath time year-round. They do have holes in the bottom, so make sure the kids squirt out the water at the end of their baths, though!

Colored bath salts, bath crayons, and small toys also make great Easter basket fillers for younger kids.

Coloring Kits

Fine motor skills are important to build for little hands. Find Easter basket fillers that will encourage learning and play.

If you’re going to be traveling over spring break or Easter vacation, this is also a great time to get coloring books or busy bags for kids.

Don’t forget to write your kids a letter if you’re going to be traveling to let them know that the Easter Bunny will still find them!

Mess-free options like water coloring books work well.

Easter-themed books

It’s always fun to start reading seasonal books before the holiday to help kids prepare for (and understand) the holiday.

Books are also a great addition to teach kids about seasons and when they can expect each holiday, like Easter in spring.

Some of my kids’ favorite Easter books are Happy Easter, Little Critter and Llama Llama Easter Egg.

Easter party favors

Kids love temporary tattoos and seasonal stickers, even when Easter is long past.

Especially if your kids love making art projects, there are so many Easter stamps to choose from. They’re a fun way to decorate and add an Easter flair to artwork, coloring books, and even books.

Easter Basket Ideas for Kids

Art supplies

Easter baskets beg for colorful spring art supplies.

These cute pencils and erasers are perfect for preschool and elementary-aged kids.

Age appropriate workbooks, especially ones to entertain the kids over the summer or prepare them for the upcoming school year, are great Easter basket stuffers, too. 

Easy Easter crafts

Wooden craft kits are another great idea. Save them for a rainy day during vacation.

Green Kid Crafts is a cool idea. The Easter Bunny (or even grandparents who may not live close) can gift your kids a subscription.

Outside toys

Easter marks the coming of warm weather. While we’ve had snowy Easters in the past, it’s a great time to think about spring and summer (and the toys that your kids will be using in warmer weather).

Add things like bubbles, sidewalk chalk, a jumprope, kite, water toys, and sand toys to a child’s Easter basket.

Get creative with the actual Easter basket, too. You could make a basket out of a beach towel and add a bathing suit, sunglasses, sunscreen, pool noodles, and other fun items inside.

Another idea is to use a toy, like a dump truck, as a last minute Easter basket.

This scavenger hunt is another fun idea to add to the kids’ baskets for both outside fun or inside on a rainy Easter Sunday.

Perfect Fillers for Tweens

Finding fun things to include in your tween’s Easter basket can be a challenge.

Molds for chocolate eggs that can double as hot cocoa bombs or a tiny chocolate bunny for the kids to decorate are always a great idea.

Also, think of outdoor activities and upcoming summer vacations. Swim goggles or a slip and slide that the whole family can enjoy make the perfect addition to a tween’s basket.

Fill the basket with sandals and summer clothes or even gift cards for your child’s favorite stores.

Camping supplies like a marshmallow roaster or pie maker, bug spray, card games, and even a sleeping bag are great Easter gifts for a tween.

Easter Basket Gifts for Teenagers

My all-time favorite gift idea for a teenager’s last year at home is a “real life” basket. Especially as your high schoolers get ready for college, it’s important to have them do age-appropriate chores and help more around the house to learn life skills.

Fill a laundry basket with cleaning supplies, laundry detergent, a colorful hamper, etc.

Don’t be afraid to take it to the next level with sheets, dorm decor, and towels.

As you’re putting together your Easter baskets, don’t forget to buy goodie bags, especially if you’re making treats for your child’s class. These bags are adorable (and they come in packages of 75, so you can make them for your kids’ class parties).

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Richella J. Parham

Thursday 14th of April 2022

Such good ideas--and so nice to have some basket ideas that aren't candy (although I have to confess that I love Easter candy, but I think we have enough of that!). Thanks for sharing these.

And thanks for joining the Grace at Home party at Imparting Grace! I'm featuring you this week.