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My Morning Routine for School: Simple Tricks to Create Better Habits Before Going to Class

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Start the day off right with a great morning routine for school. Here’s how to get ready for the day ahead, how to design a morning routine that works for your family, and how to implement better routines for moms to last through the school year.

my morning routine for school

What to Expect:

  • What’s a good morning routine for school?
  • What should I do every morning before school? Get the free printable routine chart (perfect for young children)!
  • How do I get ready for school in 20 minutes?

What’s a good morning routine for school?

For students, getting up early for school is a must, but it can be hard to do if you’re not used to it. Here are a few tips on how to get up early and make the most of your morning. 

Tips on how to get up early

It’s so hard to wake up early, especially if you’re short on sleep.

Try going to bed a little earlier each night so you can get enough sleep. This will help make waking up easier. 

Set an alarm clock and try to stick to a schedule, both as you set up a new morning routine for school and as you create better evening routines. 

As enticing as the snooze button can be, when your alarm goes off, get out of bed right away and start your day. Even if you do manage to fall back asleep during the snooze intervals, studies show that these extra minutes are very low quality sleep and can make you feel more tired than if you had just bounced out of bed.

You can also set an alarm or reminder to go to bed at a certain time.

In my house, our Alexa announces when it’s time to get in the shower and start getting ready for bed, and then Alexa gives another warning when it’s time to be in bed.

If you have trouble falling asleep, build an additional block of time into your bedtime routine to read or journal so you have some time to relax before bed. 

Once Alexa announces that it’s bedtime, we usually read a good book for 30 minutes in bed before turning off the lights.

Ideas for a quick and healthy breakfast

Make sure you leave time in your morning routine to eat a quick and healthy breakfast before school. This will give you energy for the day ahead. 

Think of things like fruit, smoothies, oatmeal, etc. that are easy to make and still filling.

How to pack a school lunch

If you’re not buying school lunches, save time in the morning by packing your snacks and lunch for school the night before. 

For prepackaged snacks, create a designated drawer or hang a shoe organizer in your pantry. Also, make sure you have healthy options, like fresh fruit and veggies, ready to go!

Set out essentials, like water bottles and lunch boxes, the night before.

What time should you leave for school?

Depending on the weather, your method of transportation, and how far you have to go to get to school, you may need to adjust the time that you leave for school.

However you get to school, make sure you leave a buffer time. For example, when we ride the school bus, we get to the bus stop at least ten minutes early every morning. On days when we drive to school, we give ourselves extra time to account for the traffic and long drop-off lines near the school.

Get the Organized Motherhood Back to School Binder to organize all your back to school plans and routines.

What should I do every morning before school to complete a successful morning routine?

When you wake up in the morning, there are a few things that you should do before leaving your house every day. This will help you start off the school day with a bang.

Without fail, get dressed, brush your teeth, and make sure you have the important essentials to conquer your day at school. 

For younger kids who have trouble remembering and adjusting to a new routine, get the free printable morning routine chart, which will set clear expectations and provide a great way for elementary school kids and even preschoolers to use a visual schedule to stay on track for a smooth school morning.

Create a smooth morning routine and make sure certain things aren’t forgotten by using some great resources.

  • Create a launch pad with a backpack station where everything is packed and ready to go next to the door. Set out shoes, coats and hats, and other school essentials for the whole family by the front door.
  • Limit screen time to avoid some of the morning chaos.
  • Use routine checklists (with visual cues, depending on each child’s age) to create good habits.
  • Avoid power struggles by having a set structure for the entire family. Use Alexa to give audio cues, like “it’s 7:15! Did you go to the bathroom, brush your teeth, and take your medicine?”

How do I get ready for school in 20 minutes?

The best thing you can do to get out the door quickly is to plan ahead. 

Choose your clothes for the week and set them out in an organized way for every day of the week, and pack your lunch the night before.

However, if you accidentally overslept and you’re in a hurry to get out the door, the next best thing you can do is focus.

Make sure you do all of the essentials: get dressed, brush your teeth and hair, and take any medication.

Follow the routine tips above to go to bed and get up earlier the next day!

Next steps to turn your school morning routine into a new habit

Having a daily routine to get ready for school is very important. It helps you to be organized and prepared for the day ahead. It also brings less stress to all family members.

There are many different things that you can do to create a morning routine for school, but some of the most important things to include are eating breakfast, getting dressed, and brushing your teeth.

You can use a free printable routine chart to help you remember what (and when) to do every morning.

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