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Create a morning routine with this simple morning routine template.

Dreaming of a simpler morning?

Download the printable morning routine template to create your ideal morning routine – one where you can get out the door on time (with your sanity still intact).

To use the chart, make a list of everything that you want to include in your morning and estimate the amount of time that each task will take to complete. Add up the total time, and then subtract that time from your finish time.

For example, if you have 80 minutes of activities to finish in the morning and you have to be to preschool by 8:45, your start time would be 7:25 a.m.

When you’re figuring out your start time, remember to account for the little things, like the time it takes to load the kids in the car and make sure everyone’s safely in their car seats.

Don’t forget to add buffer time to each task, too! If it normally takes five minutes for your toddler to get dressed, plan for 10 minutes. If it takes 20 minutes to drive to preschool, give yourself 30 minutes.

Print out the morning routine template to list your tasks, the amount of time to complete each task, and your buffer time. You’ll be able to easily create your morning routine once you figure out when you should start (and end) your morning routine.