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How to Set Up a Morning Routine for School that Your Kids Will Love

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Have you ever had one of those days where your morning routine for school is pure chaos? Creating routines for moms is complicated enough, but when you’re trying to get one child off to school, another child to preschool, and still make time for yourself… it leaves a lot to be desired!

I paused at the edge of the sidewalk, not wanting to walk any farther. My kindergartener started crying as the bell rang, my toddler was still strapped in the car (in her pajamas), and I hadn’t even washed my face.

How had we ALL managed to sleep in?!?

Judgment washed over me as I spotted two women who had gone to high school with me chatting by the door of the school.

The second bell rang. It was official. We were late.

Even if you don’t oversleep and miss the bus, getting out the door in the mornings is no easy feat! There’s always arguing, nagging, and a mad scramble to get out the door.

But once you have a morning routine for school days, your life will be much easier (even on the days when you oversleep).

Since that day two years ago, I’ve gotten my school-day morning routine nailed down. It’s not always perfect (we all tend to drag a little on Mondays), but we have extra time built in so there’s no mad rush to the bus.

Even if we oversleep, our mornings are much smoother.

Sound fabulous? Here’s how to get your morning routine set up so that even Monday mornings run smoothly!

Plan ahead to set up your morning routine before it starts

Not everything needs to be done in the morning. In fact, a solid morning routine starts the night before. If you struggle to know what needs to be done ahead of time, get the Organized Motherhood Routine Bundle to create your ideal morning and evening routines.


Set yourself up for success by laying out your kids’ clothes, setting the table with breakfast foods, and packing lunches ahead of time.

Use a hanging organizer to set out six weather-appropriate outfits (including underwear and socks) on Sunday as you’re putting away laundry. Your kids will have a choice every day, but you’ll still ensure that they’re dressed appropriately for school.

After dinner, have your kids set the table with breakfast foods and dishes. Set out cereal, bowls, spoons, and juice glasses.

You could even make overnight oats for an easy make-ahead breakfast idea!

If you need even more help, I love the Make Over Your Mornings course. It teaches you step-by-step how to create a morning routine (and evening routine) that works for YOU so you’re much more prepared to tackle your kids’ needs in the morning.

Give your kids choices (within reason)

Kids love to feel like they have a choice. One of the key principles in Love and Logic, one of my favorite parenting books, is that giving kids choices makes them feel empowered but also less likely to argue about the things that matter.

Parenting with Love and Logic

There’s no harm in asking your kids if they want to drink cranberry juice or orange juice with their breakfast, and the little decisions will make your kids happier (and your morning smoother).

Giving your kids choices also teaches them about consequences.

For example, if your kids get dressed and eat their breakfast quickly, they’ll have time to watch ten minutes of cartoons. However, if they play in their room and then fight with their sister at the table instead of eating, they won’t have time for cartoons.

While it’s important to have your morning routine streamlined and set up in advance, some choices and small decisions will help you child feel more in control.

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Make a printable morning routine chart for school mornings


Keep your kids on track with a printable chore chart. Remind them to make their beds, wash their faces and brush their teeth, and get ready for school without nagging!

Use a chore chart or even make your own chart specifically for mornings. Give your kids a sticker for each task that they complete without being reminded. You could also laminate the chore chart and reuse it each week.

Get the Organized Motherhood chore charts here!

Encourage your child to create a morning routine for success

If your child struggles in school or needs help staying calm in the classroom, there are many different things that are worth trying.

It’s important to calm a child’s nerves before they go to school.

Try techniques such as incorporating calming activities like reading, eating a healthy breakfast, and listening to music into their morning routine.

It is important for parents not only to provide their children with the necessary tools but also provide them with enough time so that the child can feel confident about themselves going into school.

The hardest part of getting on a routine is actually making it a habit.

But by planning ahead, using choices to stop arguments, automating as much as possible so you don’t have to nag, and encouraging your child, you’ll be on your way to having a great day (and a smooth morning)!


Once you’ve created a solid morning routine to help your child, make sure you follow these tips and tricks to have an awesome daily routine (in and out of school).

Also, get the Organized Motherhood Back to School Planner to organize all of your routines, school schedules, and more.

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