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How to Have the Best Summer

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Do you feel like summer is passing you by? Wonder how you can turn things around and learn how to have the best summer ever? These ideas will help you create summer routines to make the most of summer and explore the world in new and exciting ways.

How to have the best summer - great tips for moms and kids!

Plan to take it easy

Whether it is a vacation or simply taking time each day to slow down and relax with your family to make the most of summer, slow down, go for walks, stay up for some late nights of bonfires, s’mores, and fun activities to enjoy the cool night air, read a little more, and remember that the rush of life isn’t all that matters.

To have the best summer, you need to let yourself relax a bit. A garden is a great way to keep yourself busy during the summer months while slowing down to enjoy this meditative activity that can help you provide fresh produce for your family.

Spend more one-on-one time with your child

Slow summer days without the rush and crammed schedule are perfect for spending one-on-one time with your child.

If you have more than one child, try to keep the one-on-one time balanced between them.

Spending time with your kids, focusing on each one at a time, helps build lifelong bonds that will serve them well as teens and adults, along with giving you each time to build lasting good memories together.

During the school year, there is just not enough time to do it all, and often this takes a back seat to homework help and extracurricular activities that take up the few waking hours your child is not in school.

Try joining your child in one of their hobbies or start a new hobby together with just the two of you for a fun way to connect to your child.

Do something fun

Plan something fun with your family. This can be as big as a full-fledged family vacation to something small like a backyard movie night or family bike rides around the neighborhood.

On rainy days, take the whole family to a local museum or movie theater (some movie theaters even have summer discount passes, so check into seasonal deals).

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    Make a point to try and do something fun every week or even every day.

    Start a new hobby, ditch work, and go do some great things as a family.

    An impromptu day trip can be a lot of fun, although you could also plan an amazing road trip through a national park for some over the top fun with your favorite crew of people.

    If you’re looking to keep the kids entertained while you work on your own hobby or relaxation time, or even if you need help planning family vacations, get the Systems to Organize Summer bundle.

    Add some frozen treats

    Summer just wouldn’t be summer without an icy treat on a hot day.

    A trip for ice cream or even making your own frozen treats can be an amazing way to have fun and make great summer memories.

    You can even find a cool ice cream maker that uses a softshell ball to toss and roll the ice cream for one of the best ways to bring frozen treats into a great summer day.

    Throw a cookout

    Summer parties are great for connecting with friends and family.

    You can have a lot of fun by simply having a potluck-style cookout where everyone brings a dish and gathers around to spend quality time together. This summertime tradition can go a long way in making great memories while having the best summer with your family.

    Go for a swim

    Spend some time poolside now that the weather's warm to have the best summer!

    Summer and water just go together.

    Visit a public pool, find a beach, or explore a pond or lake at one of your local state parks this summer for a fun way to spend a great day as a family or meet up with friends for some fun.


    There is a great feeling you get from helping others. take some time this summer to volunteer at an animal shelter or a homeless center to help others.

    Volunteering as a family is a great way to bond while feeling good about spending time doing good. Not only does this help others have a better summer, it is a great opportunity to add something special to your best summer.

    Get lost in a good book

    Read these 7 productivity books to get more organized and have better time management, even as a busy mom

    The best summer days aren’t always the ones where you are up and doing something.

    Some of the best summer days are the ones where you are snuggled up in the shade or near the air conditioner with drinks, snacks, and a good book that takes you away from the rest of the world.

    Whether you’re reading a cheesy romance novel or a productivity book that’s been sitting on your nightstand for years, summer is your chance to get caught up on your reading goals.

    Make a big move in your life

    While things are slowed down and you have a bit more time, push yourself outside of your comfort zone. You can make a big life move or try to get a head start on one of your lifelong goals.

    Think about upgrading your home or starting your own business.

    Take a step towards your dreams, so you have something tangible and amazing leftover after the summer is over.

    Summer is also a great time to work on your mental health by spending extra time outside in the sunshine, exercising, or even getting caught up on sleep.

    Ditch the kids

    As sad as it sounds, most parents haven’t gone out for a weekend or even a night without the kids in years.

    Whether you go wine tasting, go to some music festivals or see live entertainment in a local park, or even go away for a long weekend, this summer is the perfect time to do something good for you and your relationship.

    You deserve to have the best summer ever as well, and that means you need to give yourself a break too.

    Look into sending the older kids to sleepaway camps or even a daily summer camp for specific activities, like a dance camp or science camp, to keep kids entertained during summer vacation.

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