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How to Get Motivated to Clean and Declutter

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When you’re first learning how to declutter, figuring out how to get motivated to clean and declutter can often seem more overwhelming than the entire decluttering project.

Sometimes we just need a little motivation to clean and declutter. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to do so. From making a list, to creating an inspiring space for your home, to rewarding yourself with a treat, you’ll find it easy to get and keep motivated with these tips!

learn how to get motivated (and find your motivation with these simple solutions) to clean and declutter your home

What to Expect:

  •  3 common reasons (and solutions) you may be wondering why you can’t get motivated
  •  What is the fastest way to clean and declutter?

While cleaning and decluttering aren’t anyone’s favorite pastime (unless you’re Marie Kondo), if you never feel like cleaning or decluttering, it’s important to find the underlying reason.

There are many reasons why clutter is bad. Clutter is especially harmful when it comes to your mental health. A clutter-free living space can help you feel more peaceful and less stressed in your home, so it’s important to find the motivation, either within yourself or by using an external reward.

Depending on your personality and the underlying reason why you don’t have motivation, you may find that internal or external rewards will be more motivating for you to finally get your clutter (and your home) in order.

3 Common Reasons (and Solutions) You May Wonder “Why Can I Not Get Motivated to Clean My House?”

It’s not easy to keep our homes clean and declutter. 

Having a clean space is important for our physical and mental health, but it can be hard to get started or stay motivated with all the clutter around us.

There are many reasons why it is so hard to clean and declutter our home. One of them is that we often get overwhelmed and don’t know where to start, which room, which step, or what order. 

Emotional factors can also play a role. If you’re depressed or have ADHD, decluttering can seem insurmountable.

It’s also difficult to stay motivated with all the clutter around us that constantly distracts us from doing what needs to be done.

The good news is that there are ways we can make cleaning easier on ourselves by setting up systems for ourselves so we know where things go, making sure we have space for everything, and having an organizational system in place.

How to get motivated to clean when overwhelmed by mess

We often hear about how important it is to declutter our homes and reduce clutter in our lives. But how do you declutter when feeling overwhelmed?

It can feel like an overwhelming task when you’re faced with a home full of stuff you’ve collected over the years. The first step is to take a deep breath and remind yourself why you want to declutter your home in the first place.

Aside from reminding yourself of why it’s helpful to have a clutter-free, clean home, the best way to get motivated is to just start.

Choose a small section, like the area in front of the door, to declutter. Set a timer and get to work. When the timer goes off, reward yourself with a short break. Then get back to work!

Sign up for my 30-day decluttering challenge to do one small task each day for 30 days.

Another great way to find motivation when you’re feeling overwhelmed is to have a friend help.

I had to use this method when decluttering my daughter’s room. First, her room was such a mess that I could’ve even go in without having a panic attack. However, I was also emotionally attached to many of her toys and old clothes, so it was helpful to have an objective opinion on what should stay and what needed to be decluttered.

How to get motivated to clean when depressed

When you have no motivation to clean or do anything, decluttering is probably the last thing on your mind. However, the process of decluttering can be therapeutic. It can help you feel better about yourself and your life. 

Decluttering is also a way to take control of your environment.

It’s not always easy to get motivated, especially when you’re suffering from depression, but here are some ideas that might help:

  • Put on some music that you love and dance around the room
  • Ask for help from friends or family members
  • Set aside one day (or even a specific amount of time, like 30 minutes) each week for decluttering
  • Make a list of all the reasons why you want to declutter and post them somewhere visible in your home
  • Just start. You’ll feel so much better after you do.

How to get motivated to clean with ADHD

When you have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), staying focused (and keeping motivated) is the most difficult part of decluttering.

To get motivated to clean when you have ADHD, try following a decluttering challenge. 

Declutter your house in a weekend and do a Weekend Warrior Challenge. The printable checklists will help you stay focused throughout the decluttering process. 

As you declutter, follow the Pomodoro Method to stay focused. Set a timer for 25 minutes. Declutter as fast as you can, and reward yourself with a 5 minute break once you’re done. Once you’ve done four sessions, take a full 30 minute to an hour break. 

By utilizing a timer, you’ll be able to stay focused. And, even if you do find yourself getting distracted, the timer will help you recenter your focus. If you get distracted, at least you’ll only spend 25 minutes (or less) going down a rabbit hole, and you’ll have the opportunity to redeem yourself with the next round!

What is the fastest way to clean and declutter?

Whether you’re overwhelmed by the mess in your home, suffer from depression, or can’t focus due to ADHD or another disorder, getting your home clean and decluttered in the fastest way possible is helpful.

Follow these tips to clean and declutter really fast.

Also, get the Conquer Your Chaos Decluttering Bundle to declutter your home at your own pace.

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