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How to Declutter Your Life and Reduce Stress

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If you’re feeling overwhelmed, learning how to declutter your life and reduce stress can be the peace of mind you’re looking for.

Learning how to declutter isn’t just for your home (although that’s a part of the decluttering process). You can declutter everything about your life, from your mind to your bills to relationships.

Here’s how you can get started decluttering your life and reducing stress today!

how to declutter your life and reduce stress

What to Expect:

  • Does decluttering help with stress?
  • How do I start to declutter my life?
  • How do you mentally declutter?

Does decluttering help with stress?

The idea of decluttering is to get rid of all the things that you don’t need and make room for the things that you do. It’s a way to reduce stress by getting rid of the things that you don’t need, and it can be a great way to relieve stress because it takes away all the physical clutter in your life.

However, decluttering can actually cause more stress if you don’t know what to do with all the stuff that you are throwing out. It can be overwhelming to go through everything in your home and decide what goes and what stays. But this process, when done right, can be extremely rewarding.

Decluttering is also not a cure-all for chronic stress as it often only addresses one symptom. That said, since decluttering can cause anxiety (and anxiety can cause you to hoard more things), decluttering is a great start for relieving stress.

It is important to declutter both physically and mentally. You will feel better when you get rid of ALL the clutter in your life.

How do I start to declutter my life?

The idea of decluttering is to get rid of the things that you don’t need and make your life simpler. You can do this by selling your unwanted items, donating them, or throwing them away.

However, you can also declutter different aspects of your life, in addition to your physical clutter. Decluttering your schedule, mentally decluttering, and even evaluating friendships and relationships can help you reduce stress as you declutter your life.

How do you mentally declutter? 

It is important to take care of your mental health and declutter your life. It can be hard to know where to start, but the following steps are a great jumping off point..

Step 1: Brain Dump

The easiest way to mentally declutter is to do a brain dump (read The Ultimate Guide to Doing a Brain Dump for step-by-step instructions and a free printable). 

Clear your mind clutter with this ultimate, step-by-step guide to doing a brain dump. Organize your thoughts on the worksheets and make sure you're keeping track of every part of your to-do list.

Doing a brain dump is the most important step in decluttering your life. It allows you to focus on what needs to be done, instead of being overwhelmed by the volume of things that need attention.

You need to write down all of the things that are bothering you or stressing you out so that you can process them and get them out of your head. Once they are on paper, it will be easier for you to figure out what needs action taken on it and what doesn’t.

Step 2: Evaluate Your Priorities

Figure out what is most important in your life and make sure that it is taking up a majority of your time. If something isn’t as important as other tasks, then it should be scaled back or eliminated altogether.

As you review your brain dump, evaluate which tasks need to be done, should be done, and can get done when you have time (ie. not right now).

Next Steps to Reduce Stress

There are so many ways to declutter your mind and reduce stress.

Start by doing a brain dump and listing everything that’s going through your mind. Then, create an action plan by prioritizing your tasks and consider ways to alleviate stress for each item on your list.

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