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How to Declutter with Kids

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One of the most common issues when figuring out how to declutter is deciding how to declutter with kids.

With kids, it can be difficult to find time and energy to declutter your home. The idea of tackling this task can seem overwhelming and even impossible. But with a little planning, it can be an easy process for everyone involved.

how to declutter with kids

The best part is that with these simple tips to declutter with kids, your kids will be inspired to declutter – and prevent more clutter from entering your home.

1. Plan Your Strategy for a Successful Decluttering Day

It’s time to take control of your family’s clutter.

Every child needs a clean and organized room, both for their sake and that of their parent’s sanity.

Create a decluttering plan that will walk you through the process of getting your child started, as well as some essentials to make sure they have everything they need to be successful.

Making a decluttering schedule for kids can be a daunting task. But with the right plan, you’ll be able to overcome this obstacle in no time!

Decluttering days are a great way to get the family involved in the decluttering process.

When you have kids, it can be hard to find the time to declutter because they want to play and you don’t want to be constantly telling them no.

Here are some tips to plan your decluttering strategy:

  • One way to make decluttering fun and stress-free is to set a timer or set aside a specific amount of time for the task each day.
  • Having an end goal of having your home decluttered by a certain date or time will help create achievable goals and deadlines that will keep you motivated throughout the process.
  • Set one day each week or month as declutter day and designate a “focus area” in the house for the rest of the week or month so that you stay consistent with your decluttering plan.

For done-for-you decluttering challenges, get the Conquer Your Chaos Decluttering Bundle.

2. Create the Ideal Setting to Simplify the Process

Decluttering your child’s room is never an easy task.

Whether there are clothes on the floor, toys all over the place or a messy desk, it’s never easy to maintain a neat space. But with the right plan and these helpful tips for decluttering kids’ rooms, you’ll be able to overcome this obstacle in no time!

Make a place for everything.

Make sure that all of your belongings have a designated space in order to avoid any clutter from occurring later. These items can include clothing, shoes, books, and toys.

Choose kid-friendly storage solutions.

When decluttering with kids and creating storage solutions that the entire family can use, keep your kids’ needs in mind.

Use shorter bookshelves and keep toy chests on the floor so that the kids can put their own books and toys away after each use.

Check out these kid-friendly storage ideas from Amazon:

Don’t overcomplicate decluttering.

Between deciding which items are important enough to keep and deciding where to put everything when you’re done decluttering, it’s easy to get decluttering overload, especially for kids.

Keep things simple for children (and yourself).

Don’t create complicated storage solutions, and make decluttering decisions as easy as possible.

3. Create a Specific System to Pick Up and Put Away Objects in an Orderly Fashion

There’s a trick that can make decluttering days easier: turn decluttering days into a game!

Pick one day every week and set up rules for your children about what they can do during this time.

Decluttering day rules don’t need to be complicated, but having simple rules will make it more fun for everyone. For example, “you can pick up any toys on the floor” or “you can pull out any clothes from the closet.”

4. Let Kids Help With Organizing Objects How They Want To

Whether your kids want to sort items by color, type, size, etc., allowing them to make small decisions will help them WANT to declutter, as well as continue organizing in the future.

5. Make It Fun For the Entire Family to Declutter Together!

Creating a game out of decluttering, having challenges or contests, and rewarding your kids for maintaining their organized areas can help make decluttering fun for everyone.

Keep the chores for your children simple and fun.

Use this age-appropriate chore list for chore ideas for your kiddos, and then check out this list of chore chart ideas for kids so you can track their progress.

Give your kids an incentive and reward system to motivate them to complete their tasks. When they finish a task, give them stickers so they can put it on their chore chart. Once they’ve completed their charts, give them a bigger reward.

Make sure you praise your child for doing a good job when they are finished!

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