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Your vacation should be a time to kick back, relax, and enjoy life.

But what happens when your dream vacation is just out of reach? How do you plan and create a budget for your dream vacation (without breaking the bank)?

Planning for your dream vacation doesn’t have to be complicated.

To create a vacation plan, spend some time talking with your family to decide on possible locations. Depending on the season and the weather, think about where you’d like to go, how you’ll get there, and what activities you want to do once you’re on vacation. You’ll need to base your vacation budget around those categories.

Once you have the basics down, you’ll need to start thinking about your budget. There are two ways to create a vacation budget: a fixed budget and a category budget. To read more about how to create a vacation budget, read my post over at Little Bits of Granola, where I’m guest posting today!

Once you’ve brainstormed your options for where you’ll stay, your transportation options, and your activities, set your vacation plans in motion! As you’re planning, keep notes so that you can refer to them in case you want to go back to that location in the future.

As a bonus, download a free vacation planner (current email subscribers can find it in the Resource Library)! It includes some packing tips, a budget worksheet (refer to the full budget explanation as you’re creating your budget), and a packing checklist.

Happy travels!

Sharing is caring!