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How to Buy Young Living Essential Oils at a Discount

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Have you been meaning to try essential oils but just don’t know where to start? Or have you bought some, only to be disappointed?

I’ve been dabbling in essential oils for a while now, and I’ve tried several different brands.

Unfortunately, I quickly learned that you get what you pay for. The generic “Thief’s” oil that I found in the grocery store had no potency. The lavender that I bought on Amazon didn’t even fill our tiny kitchen with scent. Needless to say, I was a little hesitant to use generic oils around my kids, especially considering their food allergies, asthma, and sensitive skin.

Eventually, I signed up for Young Living’s oils. With a little research (I recommend reading Gentle Babies if you’re concerned about using oils around your family, and I also love this pocket reference guide for information about how to use each oil), I felt confident using them around my kids.

The Young Living oils were strong enough to fill our entire house with scent. But they’re also pricier than most of the other oils that I’ve tried. I understand the concept of paying for a quality product, but I’d still rather get that quality product at a discount. 😉

If you’ve thought about trying Young Living oils but are scared of the price, try these four ways to get them at a discount.

How to buy essential oils at a discount

Invest in a starter kit

One of the cheapest ways to buy essential oils (and how I got started using oils) is by buying a starter kit. The starter kit comes with 11 different “everyday oils” and a diffuser. The retail value of the starter kit is $300, but you can purchase it for $160.

$160 may seem like a lot of money to spend up front, but the Young Living starter kit gives you the chance to get a quality diffuser and eleven different everyday oils. The best part about becoming a wholesale Young Living member is the 24% discount. You’ll get the discount every time you order, whether or not you decide to “sell” Young Living oils as a side business.

Because I was initially nervous to use my oils, I started by diffusing them. Eventually, I began to apply them topically (like putting Cedarwood and coconut oil in my kids’ hair to get rid of cradle cap). I also tried creating a homemade makeup remover. But without the starter kit, I probably never would’ve left my comfort zone of using Peppermint, Lavender, and Cedarwood.

Essential rewards points

Another way to save on Young Living essential oils is to sign up for the Essential Rewards program. There’s no charge to sign up. As long as you place an order for $50 or more each month, you’ll continue to earn points to use toward more oils.

While $50 a month may seem like a lot, the points add up quickly. Also, if you make a list of the oils that you use frequently or want to stock up on, you’ll easily be able to spend $50. I save my rewards points to try new oils that are more expensive or that I wouldn’t normally buy.

Sign up for Young Living's Essential Rewards program to earn free oils.

Essential rewards promotions

Every month, Young Living runs promotions for their customers in the Essential Rewards program.

If you’re in the Essential Rewards program, you’ll get free oils depending on your monthly order. For example, the March promotion contained “fresh start oils,” perfect for spring cleaning. Depending on the size of your order, you could receive additional oils for free.

As an extra perk, you’ll also receive “loyalty” oils when you’re a member of the Essential Rewards program for 3, 6, 9, and 12-month increments.

YL Essential Rewards Promo

Young Living promotional offers

In addition to the monthly Essential Rewards promotions, Young Living periodically runs flash sales. It also has special sales, like on discounts on Black Friday or free shipping on Cyber Monday.

When you place your essential oil order, remember to check the discounted section for seasonal oils or promotional products for sale, too!

Trying essential oils, especially from a premium brand, may seem expensive. But I love knowing that the oils that I use around my family are safe and high-quality products. Also, when you use these tricks, you can rest easy knowing that you won’t have to sacrifice quality for price.

If you need to create an account with Young Living, follow the directions in the video below.


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