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11 Ways to Be More Productive When Working From Home

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Trying to stay productive while working from home? 2020 was a year that stretched everyone in so many ways, especially working moms! Trying to balance family life and work life is hard enough, but when everyone’s home? It’s a borderline nightmare!

If you’re working from home more often lately, read on; these tips for staying productive when working at home could be just what you need to ensure success with your home office.

11 ways to be more productive when working at home

1. Get ready for the day

Get washed and dressed, eat breakfast, and prepare yourself mentally as though you were going to the office.

Staying in your PJs all day doesn’t promote a good mental attitude.

Even if you’re not putting on a “power suit” or getting ready for a Zoom call, you’ll feel better and be more productive if you fix your hair and change your clothes.

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2. Created a designated work space

Having a designated work area is essential. It is too tempting for family members to chat and take your valuable work time. While you can work from a designated corner of a room, it’s much better if you have a room (or even a closet) that you can convert to an office.

You can also use this opportunity to signal to family members that you’re working. For example, if your office door is closed, that can mean “mommy’s in a meeting” so your kids shouldn’t parade through the room.

3. Declutter your desk

Ensure that your workspace is free from clutter.

A cluttered desktop = a cluttered mind. It is impossible to concentrate fully if the area around you is messy.

Organize your desk so that everything is nearby. Wandering around to retrieve things cuts productivity massively.

Create a charging station, have your planner ready, and add some traditional office supplies to your work area so you’re ready to conquer the day without having to constantly get up and look for things.

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4. Create “office hours”

Be realistic about your working hours. If you are an early bird, always awake at 5 am, then make sure that’s when you start your working day. If you are a night owl, and providing you don’t disturb anyone else in the house, start late and work through to 3 am.

You can also create a “flex schedule.” For example, if you have young kids at home, set your alarm and start working an hour or two before they wake up. Then, work again during naps or “quiet time.” Finally, finish your daily tasks after the kids go to bed at night.

5. Take breaks, but be intentional

Be tough on yourself with breaks. If you worked in an office, would you be able to get up to eat snacks and drink coffee whenever you wanted to?

Make sure you are structured in your intentions, and your output will increase massively.

Consider using timers and following the pomodoro method to be more product (and reward yourself with breaks). Work for 25-50 minutes, followed by a 5-10 minute break.

6. Set expectations with others

Explain to family and friends that just because you are around in the day, it doesn’t give them carte blanche to call you or to ask you to do chores for them.

Working at home means just that – working.

7. Limit distractions

Avoid the temptation to continually check e-mails or log on to social networking sites. It is surprising how much time can be wasted by browsing and getting caught up in chat rooms.

8. Protect your eyes

If your job involves staring at computer screens all day, have some eyewash or eye drops on hand to ease sore and tired eyes.

Also, invest in blue light blocking glasses. You’ll sleep better at night and avoid headaches if limit your exposure to blue lights from flashing computer screens and phones.

9. Drink water

Keep well hydrated. Have a bottle of water nearby all day. Dehydration can cut performance.

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10. Set up a comfortable, ergonomic work area.

Make sure your work station is comfortable, aerated, and that your desk-to-chair position is good.

You may notice that your hands, shoulders, back, and more ache after hunching over a computer, so optimize your desk for your height. Check out this link concerning RSI and how to avoid it.

You may consider using a standing desk or even a stationary bike or treadmill to stay active throughout the day.

11. Give yourself grace

If you have had an unproductive day, write it off. Tomorrow is a new day!

Re-trace your steps throughout the day and see where things went wrong. Think about what you could do differently tomorrow. Then, put it behind you and move on.

While the above list does not make any promises about your home-working venture being a success, it will go a long way towards making you feel as though you are able to focus on the job at hand and will encourage you to think positively when working.

be more productive, even when working at home

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