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Homeschool Mom Routines That Are Off the Chart

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The key to successful homeschooling, as many seasoned homeschool moms will tell you, is having some kind of routine for moms. Kids love routine – even if they do not always show it. They need it – and so do we, no matter how much we try to just wing it.

Check out these homeschool mom routines that are off the chart and that are sure to get you in the homeschooling spirit with little effort.

the best homeschool mom routines (get yourself and your kids on a schedule that works)

Homeschooling is not for the faint-hearted, but it can be fun if you want it to be, so choose the routine that will work best for your parenting style as well as your kids’ learning environment.

Every Mom Needs a Solid MORNING Routine

We all know that morning routines are probably the most important, and they set the foundation and tone for the rest of the day.

We are also all human and it is super easy to slip into “no routine” land, but truth be told, we need to climb back up and get ourselves back into your ideal morning routine as quickly as possible.

The first step to a good morning routine is to prepare for the morning the evening before. You will want to get everything you need for the next day’s school work ready before you go to bed.

If you struggle with creating (and following) either your evening routine OR your morning routine, I love the Make Over Your Mornings course. It’s such a practical, step-by-step path to create a morning routine that will set you (and therefore your entire family) on the right path EVERY morning.

Depending on what system or curriculum provider you are using – or not using – you will want to get all the worksheets, books and so on ready and set up for the next day. Doing this saves you all a lot of effort in the morning.

Following on from this you can look at these ideas to set you up for success:

  • Get to bed on time – this goes for you and the kids, and try to be as consistent as possible. You don’t want to be getting sleep during the school day.
  • Get up on time – when that alarm chimes, you need to mentally prepare yourself to put your feet on the ground and get started.
  • Do something that makes you happy – this could be exercise, yoga, meditation, or just sitting on the porch drinking a cuppa, whatever it is, make a way to fit it into every morning.
  • Time for the kids – once they are up, make sure breakfast is done, teeth brushed, and they get dressed. Then let them head to their learning space.

Ideally you do not want to be doing anything else around them once they get started, so if you feel the need to clean or do other things in the morning – do that before they rise or while they are eating and getting themselves dressed.

Questions to Consider Before Choosing a Homeschool Routine

In the land of homeschooling, you get many types of schedules, but as a homeschooling mom, you will want to have a routine rather than an actual schedule.

Routines need to be easy to follow and keep consistent. You need to have something that works for you and your particular setup.


As a homeschooling family, you will need to probably try a mixture of daily routines before you find something that really sits well with you and your family.


The best way to know if the homeschool routine is working for you is if you can stick to it with very little deviation. You need something that everyone can work with and that is flexible – because let’s face it, life is very unpredictable.


  • Do you work from home?
  • Do your kids have extra-curricular activities?
  • How often do you have playdates?
  • Do you have special circumstances, like going to church, weekly family gatherings, a parent that works away from home, etc.?
  • What kind of learners are your kids? Do they work better first thing in the morning or later in the day?
  • Do your kids prefer practical learning and learning on the go? Or do they learn best at a desk in a designated learning area?

These are just some things you will need to look at. Once you have an idea, you can start deciding on the following kinds of routines:


Work from home homeschool mom routines

Change your morning routine up a bit and maybe use the first hour to get some emails done, write some notes for later or catch up on social media management

If you have older kids, when they are set up and doing their lessons, maybe get some writing in or send out orders (this is all dependent on the type of work you do)

Once the kids are settled in bed at night – allocate 2-3 hours (or whatever is necessary) to get some work completed for the day.

Be sure to give you and your partner some alone time once the kids are asleep, too.

Practical hands-on learning routine

So your kids like to see what they are learning about rather than reading about it or hearing about it? That is great. Get them out in the world and take them places.

  • Maybe you are learning about all the aspects of art this week – take them to an art gallery.
  • How about dinosaurs and fossils – get them out to a museum or whatever resource area you have to show them these things first hand.
  • Ocean time – Aquariums or water worlds are amazing learning experiences.
  • You can teach your child about ecosystems and land formations by taking a hike or finding lakes and ponds around where you live.
  • Nature is a great place to learn just about anything. Get out there and enjoy the fresh air.

Social butterfly routine

Do your kids love playdates and extra-curricular activities? Then you can basically prepare a calendar in advance and just mark off the activities for each day of the week.

Try not to overdo it as well, sticking to one or two activities a week should be enough.

These are just some ideas of what you could do to make the homeschooling experience practical and fun and the kids still get to learn at the same time.

It is even possible that you mix and match from these ideas and find a happy medium that fits just right.


Do not overthink it.

If you’re struggling to make a decision about whether to homeschool or send your children to traditional school, get the Homeschool Startup Workbook (it’s currently a bonus in the Back to School Planner, which has all your planning needs, whether you’re trying to send the kids TO school or keep them learning at home).

If you’re a seasoned homeschooler who’s just struggling to find (and stick to) a routine that works, know that you’re not alone.

Try different homeschool mom routines, and give them at least a week or two try out before you knock it. Once you find something that works, stick with it. Get feedback from the kids to find out how they are feeling too.

Whatever you do – make sure you have fun with it.

Happy homeschooling, mama!

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