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How to Create a Healthy Living Plan

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Wouldn’t it be nice to finally get healthy?!? Living a healthier lifestyle is something that most people want to do, but never seem to actually do.

Every New Year, weight loss, exercise, and eating better are among the top resolutions, but most people rarely follow through with those goals.

Why? It’s something we all want, but where do we go wrong?

This pains me to admit, but since having my second child and losing the baby weight, I’ve been gaining weight. Over the last year, I’ve gained TWENTY pounds, in addition to the ten pounds that I put on in between my first and second child.

It’s time to finally get healthy!

I know that I need to live a healthier lifestyle, and I genuinely want to live a healthier lifestyle, but it’s a lot harder than I anticipated. It’s so much easier to give up and just eat cookies!

If you’re like me, you need a plan (and some serious motivation) to reach your health goals.

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How to Create a Healthy Living Plan

1. Find your why

The first step to creating your healthy living plan is knowing (and understanding) your purpose. Getting healthier means different things to different people. Maybe you want to lose weight, or maybe you just want to be able to keep up with your kids. Maybe you want to get healthy to set a better example for your kids.

Regardless of your reasons for getting healthy, the trick to creating a healthy living plan is knowing why you want to do it in the first place.

Why do you want to lose weight? Why do you want to eat healthier? What do you hope to gain from exercising?

When you understand your personal motivation (and actually give yourself a real reason to get healthy), you’ll have more success.

2. Set your goals

Decide how you actually want to get healthier. What is your end goal? What do you hope to change?

Whether you want to eat better, exercise more, get more sleep, or something else, quantify your goal. Think about what the end result will look like.

More important that creating a pie in the sky goal of “I want to be healthy,” you need to think about what “healthy” actually looks like. Does it mean losing 15 pounds? Does it mean eating 5 servings of vegetables daily?

Once you quantify the goal you want to reach, work backward to figure out exactly how you can achieve your goal.

If your goal is to lose 15 pounds, what will it take to reach that? Set an end date and decide what you need to do by certain dates to stay on track with your goal.

3. Track your goals

Struggling to track your healthy habits and make progress on your goals? The Organized Healthy Habits Journal will help you keep all your health info in one place and actually make goal setting fun!

Tracking your goals will help you stay on track and make sure you make progress on your goals.

This is where so many people go wrong with New Year’s resolutions. It’s great to set a goal, but if you don’t work at it consistently and review your progress, you’ll have a harder time sticking with and reaching your goal.

Add your goal to part of your daily routine to make sure you reach your goal. By making your goal a habit, it’ll become second nature (and much easier) to reach.

Especially in the beginning, before your goal is truly a habit, track your goal to make sure you’re working on it.

Tracking your goal will show you progress and also help you to see where you’re going wrong. For example, if your goal is to eat salads daily but you skip every Friday because you eat pizza with your family, you’ll be able to see this, figure out why, and find a solution.

There’s a habit tracker included in the Organized Healthy Habits Journal to make sure you’re staying on track with your goals. Set your goals, track your progress, and journal your results to finally see success!

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4. Celebrate the little wins

As you track your goals and see your progress, make sure you take time to refltect on everything you’ve accomplished.

Even if you’re a little behind or don’t completely reach your goal, reward yourself for the progress that you did make.

As you work toward your goal, think of something that you could do when you reach each milestone. If you’re trying to lose weight, get yourself a new pair of jeans. Or if you exercise for 30 days straight, reward yourself with a girls’ night on the town.

Be careful that your rewards don’t sabotage your plan, though. If your goal is to get healthier, try to stick to healthy rewards that don’t undo everthing you’ve worked so hard to achieve. For example, don’t reward yourself with a piece of chocolate cake when you lose 5 pounds.

5. Stick with your plan

Once you’ve reached your goal, you might think you’re all done. Now you can finally eat that cake, right?!?

Um, no. Not quite.

Creating a healthy lifestyle plan is just that – a plan. It’s a guide that you can follow forever! But don’t let that scare you. Chances are, once you’ve established healthy routines, you’ll be more likely to stick to them. It’s also a lot easier to skip the sugar, carbs, or salty snacks once you break your cravings.

So, once you’ve finally made progress, it’s ok to tweak your plan. It’s also ok to cheat every now and then.

However, don’t completely abandon your hard work. Set yourself up for success by creating a plan that’s manageable and that you can live with (for the long term).

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