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Gifts for Book Lovers

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The obvious gift for book lovers is a book, but most book lovers have definite preferences for the kind of reading material they enjoy. If can be hard to find unique gift ideas for anyone, but if you’re struggling to find gifts for book lovers, whether you want to give them a book or something that’s not a book, read on!

Reading is a very personal activity. A book lover may enjoy reading a certain genre, for example, fiction, nonfiction, fantasy, romance, biography, historical novels, or books about nature, pets, or travel.

A reader may have a favorite author and want to read all the books by that author.

Some have a mental or written wish list of the books they would like to read. They may add to their list from book reviews they’ve found in the media or recommendations from teachers, family, or friends.

What’s on the Book Lover’s List?

If you REALLY want to give the book lover an actual book, finding out what’s on the book lover’s list is a great place to start. Make sure you’re giving an original gift, not another copy of last month’s favorite.

Chances are, it’s not the latest best seller, so ask someone who might know. A teacher, friend, or family member might have an idea. If not, just ask the book lover if there is a particular book or author that she wants.

You could even get an original printing of a classic book, a well-loved copy of her childhood favorite, a different translation to collect, or even a signed copy of a recent book.

Check to see if a local bookstore has a copy. If not, ask if the store will order or search for one.

Look for the book online from one of the major booksellers. Compare prices when buying online to get the best value.

Give a Personalized Gift

A sterling silver bookmark is a useful gift for a book lover and can become an heirloom. Have one engraved with the book lover’s name.

Silver Superstore sells sterling silver bookmarks and engraves them in the store. A less expensive option is a silver-plated bookmark.

You could also give a handmade bookmark. Either laminate one of your kids’ drawings (the perfect gift for a grandma) or buy a quilted or beaded bookmark.

Ultimate Book Lover Gift

The ultimate gift for a book lover is Amazon’s wireless reading device, the Kindle.

Download hundreds of books without a computer or cable onto a hand-held device that weighs just over ten ounces. The book lover can download books, newspapers, and magazines from hundreds of outlets in only a minute.

A booklover can download a book in just a minute and carry the hand-held reading device with hundreds of books everywhere she goes. The small tablet fits easily into a satchel or bag for traveling.

Book Store Gift Card

Of course, a gift card is always a welcome gift, especially for book lovers. Buy a personalized gift card specially designed for any occasion. A booklover can browse a brick-and-mortar store or shop online for the next book on her list. Choose how much to spend on a card, anywhere from $10 to $1,000, for a special book lover.

The best way to shop for a book lover is to get to know her. She may have a mental or written list of books she wants to read. Try to tap into that list by asking her teacher, family, friends, or ask her to name something on her wish list.

Choose from one of the ideas above: a book from the book lover’s list, a silver bookmark, a Kindle hand-held reader, or a gift card from a book store. Any one of these gifts should please the most discriminating book lover.

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