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Evening Routine Checklist

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If you’ve been struggling to create better routines for moms, following an evening routine checklist is a great first step to creating an evening routine and following through with it consistently.

printable evening routine checklist

Checklists are great for simplifying a complex task into manageable steps. That’s why they’re so popular in the military, aviation, and other high-risk industries. They’re also great for helping people get a handle on their health and wellness.

A checklist can be used to help you make sure that you’re doing all of the things that are important to your health and happiness. It can help you make sure that you’ve had enough sleep, eaten well, exercised, taken care of your mental health, and more.

What are 4 parts of a good nightly routine?

To create your evening routine checklist, it’s important to know the most essential parts of your evening routine.

The four parts of a good nightly routine are:

A good evening routine is a key to a healthy lifestyle. It helps you wind down, relax and get ready for sleep.

There are four building blocks of a great evening routine:

– Acknowledging your day

– Reflecting on your day

– Planning tomorrow

– Relaxing and winding down

Learn more in Creating an Evening Routine: Simple Steps to Get Started.

If you’re having trouble creating an effective evening routine, check out the Make Over Your Evenings course. It’s an awesome 14-day guide to creating an evening routine that works with your busy schedule and sets you up for success in the morning.

How to make an evening routine checklist

The following are five easy steps to create your own evening routine checklist.

Step 1: Create a list of tasks that you would like to complete before going to bed.

Step 2: Prioritize the tasks in order of importance, or what needs to be done first.

Step 3: Write down the steps you need to take for each task and how long it will take.

Step 4: Break down tasks into smaller pieces of work, so it’s easier for you to get started on them.

Step 5: Add any other items you think should be on your checklist, such as a reminder about taking medication or turning off phone notifications before bedtime.

Printable night time routine worksheet for adults

This printable night-time routine worksheet is perfect if you’re trying to create a new evening routine and track your progress.

Download my free printable evening routine!

Overwhelmed by everything you need to do as part of your nightly routine?

This printable worksheet will help you stay focused and save time as you get ready for the next day.

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PDF evening routine chart for kids

Help your kids finish their bedtime routine with this printable evening routine chart. It’s perfect for younger kids and non-readers who might need visual cues.

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