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Want to create a cozy home, practice self-care, and spend more time with friends and family all at the same time this fall season?!?

Take a lesson from the Danes, who consistently rank among the happiest countries in the world. Pronounced hoo-gah, hygge is a Danish practice to create a comfortable, cozy environment while relaxing and living more simply.

The goal of hygge is to add more positivity in your life, even during cold, dark seasons.

Here are some easy ways to incorporate the art of hygge in your home during the fall season.

Add Hygge Decor in Your Home

Hygge is about being happy, comfortable, and positive.

Try to make your home as comfortable and cozy as possible. This is a great time to exchange your bright summer decorations for warm fall decorations.

Bring the fall colors, like red, yellow, orange and brown, inside your home, to create a warm and cozy environment.

Have lots of throw pillows and soft blankets on your sofas and chairs, add soft rugs to the ground, and light candles (the Danes prefer unscented candles for hygge) or use the fireplace when it gets cold.

Invite People Over

Hygge doesn’t mean holing up in your home alone. The true hygge culture means spending quality time with others, despite the colder temperatures.

Plan a casual dinner party for a few friends. It doesn’t have to be fancy. You can even end the evening by watching a movie together.

Or, invite family members and their kids for an evening playdate so everyone can enjoy a game night or a buffet-style dinner.

Enjoy these moments with the people you love the most, and take comfort in the fact that you can all be together during the season.

Cook More Comfort Food

Fall is a great time for cooking and baking, especially when it comes to your favorite comfort foods. This might include baking cookies and pies with fall spices like cinnamon and pumpkin, or you may prefer cooking more savory foods, like meatloaf or your favorite butternut squash soup.

Think about the foods you enjoyed as a kid that always cheered you up. These are your comfort foods.

This is also a good time to share your favorite comfort foods with your kids or close friends. Soups, roasts and slow cooker recipes, and baked dishes are always delicious comfort foods that can easily serve a crowd.

Find lots of easy comfort food recipes in the Organized Kitchen Binder, which has over 50 slow cooker, Instant Pot, baked, and skillet recipes, in addition to meal planning templates to plan your hygge meals.

Change Your Lighting to Hygge Lights

One of the easiest ways to create a cozier home is to soften your lighting.

If you have bright lightbulbs in your home, now is a good time to remove them and opt for softer lights.

Lamps and candles create a cozier environment than harsh overhead lights. Turn on lamps around the house and dim the overhead lights. This allows you to shut off other lights and just turn on the softer lights in the evening when practicing hygge.

If your lamps are too bright, you can easily replace the bulbs. Choose soft white or frosted bulbs instead of “daylight” colored bulbs.

The fall is a great time to slow down and create breathing room in your life. It’s a time to share with friends and family and create cozy memories. Try celebrating hygge this fall and create a welcoming, comfortable home for yourself and others to enjoy.

Sharing is caring!