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Declutter Your House in a Weekend

Still trying to figure out how to declutter but running out of options? Whether you’re in a hurry because you’re moving, hosting the holidays, or just want to get rid of your clutter RIGHT NOW, here’s how to declutter your house in a weekend.

Ready to get organized? Now’s your chance.

Just like you, most moms are struggling with how to manage their homes. They’re too busy, can’t find the motivation, or don’t know where to start. With The Weekend Warrior Decluttering Home Refresh, you’ll be able to fight back and win the battle over clutter!

Balancing motherhood doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Let’s take control! You can have clean floors,
a clutter-free home, and a stress-free mind!

Start today with the Weekend Warrior Decluttering Home Refresh guide.

Get your home company-ready without overthinking (or spinning in circles). Use the Clutter Stoppers to prevent more clutter from entering your house.
Power through your clutter and organize your home in a couple days with the Room-by-Room Decluttering Checklists.
Get some Quick Wins and put the Finishing Touches on your decluttering journey quickly.

Hi, I’m Alison, a former project manager turned stay-at-home-mom.

I originally made this guide because I wanted to declutter my home before we moved. But then we found a house sooner than we expected, so I had to change my plans!

As I stared into my overflowing closet…
and noticed the kids’ toys everywhere…
and felt the hives and twitching eyes over the stress of it all…
I created Weekend Warrior Decluttering Home Refresh to simplify it ALL. 

It’s a step-by-step guide with decluttering ideas, resources, and room-by-room checklists – basically everything you need so you can finally have a clutter-free, stress-free home quickly.

The Weekend Warrior Home Refresh is perfect to tackle ALL your clutter piles and refresh your home in just a couple days

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I get my guide?

The Weekend Warrior Decluttering Home Refresh is a digital download. As soon as you order here, a PDF copy will be emailed to you for printing.

How do I print my guide?

The guide is a full-color PDF file that prints on 8.5″ by 11″ paper.

You may want to print on higher quality paper to prevent ink bleed-though, especially if you’re printing front to back. Although 20-24 lb. paper works, I had the best luck printing on 28 lb. paper.

Is this a physical book that will be mailed to me?

No, this is a digital product only.

After you order here, you’ll get an email with a PDF file to download, which you can then print at home. There is nothing to be shipped in the mail because you’ll get immediate access to the Weekend Warrior Decluttering Home Refresh.

Follow the instructions in the question above for how to print and get started using your workbook right away.

Organize your house and get your life under control with the Weekend Warrior Decluttering Home Refresh e-book.

With The Weekend Warrior Decluttering Home Refresh guide, you’ll now have everything you need to declutter and organize your entire home from top to bottom quickly and efficiently.