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Chore Chart Ideas for Kids

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Chore charts are great for teaching kids responsibility and organization. While to-do lists and schedules are important parts of routines for moms, chore charts for kids are the perfect visual tool to help you organize what needs to be done around the house. 

chore chart ideas for kids

Not only do chore charts make your kids more accountable for their chores, but it also helps you see where your time is going and how long tasks take.

Whether you have a toddler, school-aged child, or teenager, there are plenty of chore charts for kids out there. 

Use these ideas to teach your children responsibility and help them get a sense of accomplishment.

Chore chart ideas with money

One of the best ways to motivate children is to give them a reward for completing their tasks. 

There are many different ways that children can be rewarded for their work, but one of the easiest is through the use of money. For every week or month that they complete their chores without any problems, they receive an allowance from you.

You can also do a hybrid of paid and unpaid tasks on your kids’ chore charts.

At the bottom of my chore charts, I include a list of “paid” tasks. The top tasks are things that must be completed every day, like making their beds and feeding their pets, but the bottom row includes more labor-intensive activities that I pay my kids to do.

Things like folding laundry, washing the car, or cutting the grass make great paid activities.

Get my chore chart bundle below for a list of age-appropriate chores, as well as printable chore charts:

Homemade chore chart ideas to DIY

A chore chart is a great way to assign chores and responsibilities to family members. The chart should be simple and have clear instructions. It should also have a list of chores that are divided by age groups.

To DIY your chore chart, use a white board or an old picture frame. 

Using dry erase markers, washi tape, or a Sharpie/paint marker if you’re brave, create your homemade chore chart with these tips:

-The first thing you should do is decide what chores you want to assign. These can be divided by family member or by age.

-Next, create a grid with each day of the week across the top row and each person or family member down the side.

-You can indicate who does which chore on which day by filling in the correct boxes with their initials, their name, or any other identifying symbols (i.e., shapes).

-You can either write down what needs to be done for that chore on the corresponding day or post pictures of demonstrations for that chore that occurred that week.

If you’re too nervous to DIY your chore chart, I love these chore charts from Etsy:

Chore chart ideas by age

When creating or using a chore chart, it’s important to remember that all children have different needs and abilities.

There should be an age group listed for each task so that parents can assign appropriate chores to each child’s strengths.

Chores should also be divided by skill level so that they are not too challenging or too easy.

Check out this list of age-appropriate chores or get your free printable list of chores below:

It’s also a great idea to change your kids’ chores seasonally. For example, in the winter, kids may need to shovel snow or mop the entryway to get rid of muddy boot prints more often. 

When the kids are home for summer vacation, these summer chores for kids will keep your children busy and your home clean, despite the extra neighbor kids who might wander in.

Editable printable chore chart ideas

Printable chore charts are great if you want to make weekly chore charts or if you want individual charts for each family member instead of using a family command center or permanent chore chart.

If you’re looking to make your own homemade chore chart but need a template or starting point, I love these printable (editable) chore charts:

Toddler Chore chart

Chore charts are the perfect way to reward toddlers for good behavior, as well as teach them habits and life skills, like brushing their teeth and making their beds every day.

These toddler chore charts are so cute and the perfect way to inspire your toddlers to finish their daily routines:

Magnetic Chore Chart

Chore magnets are so fun. Each magnet has a picture of the task (perfect for toddlers or kids who can’t read), and your kids can move them around the board to show when the chores are done.

Whether you get chore magnets to use on your own homemade chore chart or you use them on a printable chore chart, magnetic chores are a great way to keep your kids accountable for their daily and weekly tasks.

My favorite chore magnets are these options from Etsy:

Next steps when choosing the best chore chart for your family

Whether you’ve decided to DIY a homemade chore chart with magnetic chores or you’re using a printable toddler reward chart for your youngest kiddos, choosing the best chore chart to motivate your kids is so important.

Get your kids on a routine and reward their good behavior with these awesome chore charts.

Also, make sure you’re choosing age-appropriate chores for each child. Download the printable age-appropriate chore list below:

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