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5 Things Every Mom Needs to Stay Organized For Back to School

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Preparing to send your child back to school after a lazy summer is stressful, both for moms and kids. On one hand, it’s a really exciting time, but on the other, there’s so much to do!!! By setting up these five things ahead of time you’ll be able to enjoy your kids’ first day of school!

A Meal Plan

Plan your kids' breakfasts and lunches to make back-to-school prep easier. These 5 tips will make sending your kids to school so much easier.

Finding food that your kids will eat is one thing, but finding easy meals that your kids can take to school? That’s another story!

Make a list of easy breakfasts, lunches, and even simple dinners that your kids like. As part of your weekly meal plan, list the breakfasts, lunches, and dinners that you can quickly prepare.

To simplify your meal plan even more, invest in a thermos and feel free to send leftovers with your child for a healthy lunch.


Kids lose everything! Make sure you label your kids’ school supplies, backpacks, water bottles, and even clothes.

Don’t forget to label outerwear like coats, boots, and hats (mittens and gloves might be a stretch, but feel free to label them if you have room).

If you have a Cricut, have fun labeling everything! But if not, Mabel’s Labels has some really cute options to personalize your kids’ school supplies and clothing.

School Supply List

Most teachers and even schools create a requested supply list. Check your school’s website to see if it’s available before school starts. Your school may also participate in a pre-order program through a school supply vendor.

If your school doesn’t have a list (or you want to get a head start on shopping, check Amazon’s recommended list of grade-appropriate supplies.

If you can, bring your child’s supplies with you to open house so you don’t have as much to pack on the first day of school.

A Shopping Plan

Organize your school supply list and kids back to school clothing with these printables from the Organized Motherhood Back to School Planner

Make a list of your child’s supplies, the quantity needed, and the store and price where you plan to get them. This will help you save money and get everything you need for the best price.

If you’re buying your school supplies online, make sure you use Ebates. If you don’t already have an account, sign up now to get an extra $10.

Use Ebates every time you shop online. You’ll automatically earn cash back, regardless of how you pay for your purchases. Every three months, Ebates will send you a “big fat check” or you can choose to get a gift card with your earnings.

If you use a computer, install the Ebates icon and click it once you go to your favorite website. You can also use Ebates when you shop in a store by checking out with the Ebates app.

Organized Home

Before the first day of school (and before you start shopping), declutter your kids’ clothes, shoes, and school supplies.

If you can, reuse last year’s supplies. If not, make a list of everything you need, including the correct clothing size for your kids.

Also, create a homework station. Set up a desk with school supplies, or even fill a bin with homework supplies and create your own moveable craft station.

Make sure you also create an organized area near your door where your child can set out his backpack, shoes, and coat to make frantic mornings easier.

Designate one folder to keep in your child’s backpack as a back-and-forth folder. Every night, empty the folder and fill out forms, return notes, and send back homework immediately so that you don’t end up with overwhelming piles of paper in your home.

Getting organized for school ahead of time can simplify your life once school starts. Instead of fretting over back to school jitters, you’ll be able to enjoy the moment and focus on getting the perfect first day of school pictures. 😉 To simplify your back to school life even more, grab the Organized Motherhood Back to School Planner here!

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To simplify your life even after school starts, get the Organized Motherhood Home Binder to organize your kids’ health records, meal plans, schedules, and more.

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