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The 5 Best Reasons Why You’ll Want to Speed Clean

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At the end of a long day, a “quick cleanup” is often the last thing that I want to do. After all, the mess will still be there tomorrow. And let’s be honest – even if I clean, the kids will just mess it up ten minutes after they hop out of bed, anyway.

But as much as we’d all love to let our homes stay messy, it’s probably not the best idea.

In addition to saving face whenever you have an unexpected guest, there are many reasons why doing a quick daily cleanup will benefit you.

The Benefits of Doing a Speed Cleaning Routine

A speed cleaning routine doesn’t need to be complicated to make your home sparkle (for tips to simplify your speed cleaning routine, read this post). When you’re struggling to find the motivation to clean, use these five reasons as inspiration. 😉

A speed cleaning routine ultimately saves you time

Cleaning your home daily may seem like a lot of effort and time wasted, but it’ll save you time in the end. It’s much easier to tidy a small, contained mess than it is to clean an overflowing home.

By putting everything back in its place and spot cleaning a couple areas, your weekly cleaning routine won’t take as long or be as overwhelming.

You’ll be in a better mood

My kids and I typically speed clean every night, and it’s made a huge difference in my mood the next day. For some reason, stepping on Legos first thing in the morning isn’t the best start to my day.

It’s much more pleasant to enjoy a cup of coffee in a clean home (or at least a home that doesn’t have yesterday’s Legos covering every inch of the floor)!

You won’t lose things

When everything’s put in its place at least once a day, you’ll be less likely to lose things. Also, it’s easier to see what you have when everything’s tidy.

Looking for your brown boots? If they’re at the bottom of the shoe pile (or worse, only one is under the shoe pile), you’ll spend more time looking for them than if you had spent five minutes cleaning the day before.

You can enlist help

If my house looks like a tornado ripped through it, my kids have no desire to help (even if they’re the ones who made the mess). By regularly cleaning, even if it’s not you weekly “full cleaning,” the mess will be much more manageable. Putting away one day’s clean laundry is much easier than one week’s laundry.

Your house is never far from “presentable”

If you regularly speed clean your home or follow a “quick clean” routine, your house will never be far from presentable.

Even if your house looks like a bomb exploded (as mine often does right after dinner), a speed cleaning routine will quickly whip your house back into shape. You won’t need to spend an hour shoving random things in laundry baskets (and then hours trying to unload those laundry baskets).

By regularly maintaining your home, you won’t need to spend ridiculous amounts of time clearing clutter. Instead, you can focus on putting away the few things that were used that day, a few minutes wiping down the kitchen counters, and a few minutes cleaning the bathroom. Viola! You’ll have a company-ready house in less than 15 minutes.

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